Sex during Pregnancy

By | November 21, 2018

In pregnancy it is usual to have all kinds of doubts about your health, habits and ultimately everything you used to do (especially if it is for the first time). One of the most frequently asked questions to different health professionals is: can you have sex during pregnancy?

The answer is yes! You can have sex during pregnancy, as long as there is no contraindication described by the doctor or midwife. Only in specific cases can it be discouraged. In general, not only can it be, but it is beneficial!



It is proven that sex during pregnancy can not harm the fetus. The cervix is ​​sealed by a thick mucous membrane (mucous plug) that protects against external agents, and also the vagina is long enough so that the penis can not reach it.

Sex during pregnancy may be contraindicated in specific cases, such as if there are losses or hemorrhages (especially in the first trimester), or if there is a risk of premature delivery later on. If the pregnancy occurs normally and the fetus presents no risk, there is no contraindication.

In any case, during routine visits to the doctor in pregnancy, you will be informed of the changes that the body is going through, so you can make sure that everything is fine to be able to take this and any decision for your health and that of your baby.


Different hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, play a key role during pregnancy. Occasionally, there are women who during their pregnancy have an increase in libido because the vulva is much more vascularized (increases in size). And that’s why it’s not hard for them to reach orgasm normally.

In addition, by increasing the exudation inside the vagina, penetration is much easier and pleasurable. But it may be that for the same reason the opposite happens: that the woman has discomfort in the skin of the vulva, an inflammation of the vestibule of the vagina or less lubrication and therefore has neither sexual desire nor can easily reach orgasm.

In any case, it is important to bear in mind that sex goes beyond penetration, that is why if the woman or partner is not comfortable or sex is discouraged during pregnancy, there are other ways, such as caresses, Kisses or oral sex.

It really is very important to take care of each other as a couple also during pregnancy. Do not forget that the simple physical contact of a hug or a kiss can generate catecholamines in the body, that is, hormones that provoke a sensation of pleasure and well-being, very positive for the bond between both.



Man’s semen carries prostaglandins, a hormone that helps to soften the cervix. That is why during the last weeks of pregnancy, sexual practice is advised on a regular basis to be able to help naturally the onset of labor. All these hormonal reactions explained, are a natural process that the body causes without adverse reactions occur.

Perhaps you have also heard that orgasm can trigger uterine contractions (due to the increase in oxytocin). This is true, however, they are practically imperceptible and are not durable, so they can not trigger the birth process or a miscarriage.



During pregnancy, the body will change, as well as the agility to move in daily life and in bed. There is no better or worse pattern or sexual positions. The woman will adapt according to the gestation quarter in which she is.

The important thing is that depending on how you feel, make different positions that allow you to be more comfortable and not have discomfort in the belly or vagina.

  • In the first trimester, the woman can adopt any position since the belly is imperceptible until the third or fourth month of gestation. You can practice any position as you did before. The woman is still agile and can move easily.
  • In the second trimester, the belly begins to be noticeable and can sometimes bother a little, so comfortable positions are advised for the woman, such as more lateral, posterior penetrations or even her on top of the man so that he can maintain control of the situation.
  • In the third trimester, because the belly increases its volume, it is better to perform posterior penetrations or lateral penetration since the woman will not be comfortable.


In conclusion, we can say with total calmness, that we should not be afraid of sex during pregnancy, the other way around, it is positive for the woman and the couple. Under normal conditions, there is no risk to the mother or to the fetus during the nine months of pregnancy. It is good to keep the body active and that the hormones continue to develop their usual function.

Please also note that during the months following childbirth, quarantine, fatigue, hormones, breastfeeding or just some pain in the vulva or vagina during the postpartum, make sexual practice decreases in some couples.

Take advantage of this unique moment! If the woman is happy, she transmits her happiness to the baby since they notice all the changes of mood, anxiety, stress, happiness or excitement of the mother. You know, having sex is also taking care of yourself🙂

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