6 Ways to Love Your Body in the Postpartum

By | November 21, 2018

We have spoken with many women in the postpartum , and after hearing so many testimonies about this moment we have decided to create this post. This could be your situation: you are at home with your baby in your arms, with the emotion of having brought it into the world. The rollercoaster of emotions (and hormonal changes) do not let you feel much beyond love for your baby. However, suddenly one day you see yourself in the mirror and you are surprised by not recognizing yourself.  

Many women say that they feel as if their bodies after childbirth are not theirs again. It is hard not to feel comfortable in your own body, so taking care of yourself and dedicating time is very important. You can do many things to improve and recover your body, but it is important not to obsess and give you the time and love you need. It is a delicate moment, and it is easy to fall into insecurity and rejection.

Although these bodily changes can be overwhelming, learning to accept and love it with stretch marks and all, it can give you incredible power. The greatest security in yourself. Love your body unconditionally. These 5 tips can help you!


  1. Make time for yourself

Something important has changed: you have to take care of your baby. That is why it is easy for personal care to be left aside. Pampering is very important because it gives us confidence, it relaxes us and it gives us time to be something more than a mother: time to remain the woman we were before giving birth.

Your partner (or someone you trust) can take care of the baby’s needs while enjoying time for you: enjoy a good hot bath and self-massage, sunbathe, have a reading time, or do whatever it takes make you feel good Especially if it is your first child, it is important to feel that you are in contact with your emotions and your body to accommodate this new life.


2. Balanced diet

There is no better way to show love to your body than to treat it well from the inside. In addition, during the period of lactation, your food is the nutrition of your baby, so it is important to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet: green leafy vegetables (rich in calcium and vitamin A), whole grains (rice, quinoa, oats … Super energetic!), Healthy proteins (like organic eggs, chicken or lean meats), legumes, nuts, comforting broths. 

If you have cravings for fast food or sweets, dose them. Allow yourself to eat it without feeling guilty from time to time, but remember that your body needs certain vitamins, minerals and proteins to recover from all the changes it has gone through. 


3. Practice yoga

Yoga is a surprising way to recover your physical form after childbirth. It can also help you balance your emotions and reduce fatigue by sleeping little. Before starting, consult your doctor if it is already a good time. If you’ve never done yoga, it may take you a while to feel comfortable, but the good thing is that most people notice a progression every day!  

Spending a while in the dog’s upside-down pose or making greetings in the sun can increase mood and help find the balance between regaining the body and celebrating everything he can do. You can also incorporate Kegel exercises into your yoga routines to get a powerful workout inside and out.


4. Spend time on the street

Go for a walk. Although it is very tempting to spend time at home with the baby – especially if you feel you live well with coffee and love – being away from home has many proven benefits. Spending only a few minutes outdoors can relieve stress, restore mental energy and boost the immune system.

Take a walk in the park or even take a short excursion! You can do it alone or with your baby. Surely your baby will love knowing what is around you or being in contact with nature, and you will feel stronger and more in tune with your body.


5. Get inspired with body positive  images

In contrast to the images of perfect and unreal women that impact us daily in today’s society, a new current is being born: self-love or self-love. Words like “body love” “body positive” are in fashion, and that’s great! 
You can find hundreds of instagram accounts with millions of followers who share pictures and illustrations every day that exemplify the love of yourself, be yourself, love your body as it is, accept changes …

In postpartum, be inspired by doula accounts and empowerment of childbirth, breastfeeding … Here are some to start with empoweredbirthproject , Birthofmama , takebackpostpartum , doulatrainingsint  and our Hellobwom account !

6. Take a break

Another common situation: you feel that your body is not yours and you do not stop thinking about calling a personal trainer to help you recover the figure. But before starting to train desperately, give your body a break. After all, think that you have just created a human: your hormonal levels and even your organs have become turbulent and now your whole body is returning to normal.

It may take you a while to get comfortable with your wonderful body. The best way is to thank and appreciate your body for allowing you to experience these changes and have nurtured your child for nine months. When you have a moment of descent, look at your belly or stretch marks and give thanks for the life you have created. Show your love by being nice to him.

Remember also that you are now a model for your son or daughter. Teach him a healthy and good relationship with the body with your example. Show him what self-love is with your gestures and actions. Let’s create a new generation free of insecurities!

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