Typical treatment of esophageal cancer cases (b)

By | January 20, 2012

Treatment of cases of esophageal cancer: a lady, aged 65, was diagnosed a year ago, esophageal cancer , esophageal cancer at a local hospital implementation of the resection, the chest cavity that the stomach, but also for radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but this did not stop the disease . May 2004, she cough, shortness of breath, more important, serious, almost can not lie, CT examination revealed esophageal cancer recurrence, had violated the main trachea, the trachea was blocked, leaving only a fraction of tumor. One day, she suddenly face bruising, breathing extremely difficult, only sitting on the bench deep breaths, and soon lost consciousness. Thanks to 120 ambulance arrived, sent her to a nearby hospital. An emergency endotracheal stenting, the narrow trachea distraction, she turned the corner, the condition temporarily improved.
But at this time, Ms. Zhu complex disease, cancer has been widely metastasis, poor general condition, needs further control tumor development, follow-up to solve the problem of stent placement.
Patients with esophagus, trachea were damaged. Because radiation therapy has been carried out in patients not suitable for further, so the first chemotherapy, then the trachea and esophagus cancer with photodynamic therapy combined with endoscopic local injection of chemotherapeutic drugs, the local tumor necrosis and shedding. Photodynamic therapy 2 months after the bronchoscopy and gastroscopy review see most of the damage Pat tumor cavity, the lumen patency.
Unfortunately, after 3 months, patients with severe cough appeared, not water, to determine a tracheal esophageal fistula, tracheal cancer or esophageal cancer is a serious complication of treatment is generally not very good. To save her life, and her emergency esophageal stent placed so that the fistula be blocked, which will help patients eat and control lung infection. But did not last long, esophageal fistula has increasingly expanded, the patient choking again, decided to row a second photodynamic therapy, and the trachea, esophagus simultaneously, and the fistula with fibrin glue to seal. At the same time taking the esophagus flat bulk , obstructive, reduce tumor blood conditioning, so Fu aunt shortly return to normal eating, again turned the corner. The rational use of a variety of high-tech and traditional treatment of the bold changes, coupled with the use of Chinese medicine, Ms. Chu made the good therapeutic effect, had difficulty breathing, critically ill patients is difficult to eat and miraculously come alive .

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