Whenever the wind…

By | September 16, 2011

Whenever the wind, when I knew my mother was blessing me.   My mother is giving birth died; I was born that day, but also the anniversary of the death of her. Her very best, and even sacrifice their lives, just to let me be able to open your eyes and see the world. I was very young when his father had asked, my mother where he always said, whenever the wind from the time my mother on my side. I believe, and until today still doubt.   Yes, I just go with such a belief now. From elementary, middle and high school until college and I believe my side has accompanied my mother. When I was suffering from breast cancer, many family members are sympathetic to me, pity me, a girl just graduated from college, but lost on the operating table as the best female thing, this is what a sad and sorry ?   Surgery is long, my body and mind have suffered endless torment; chemotherapy very hard, I had long hair off the floor; stitches very worried, because I have to face the deterioration of the body; postoperative rehabilitation is very difficult, his father to go to work, according to my aunt could not care 24 hours a day at home, I can only learn their fried Chinese medicine, every day, I have to exercise the arm, I have tried to make their own rehabilitation, and re-embark on the community.   Yes, I was once depressed, and even for their own good Love and regret. But one day I stood at the window, feeling the wind breeze cheek, I thought of my father, he said, whenever the wind from, I looked for my mother in heaven, she has been guard me, if she live in this earth, I believe she will encourage me live on, the courage to live!   Now, I have come to take on the road to recovery, but fortunately I am young, Ye Hao physical, mental or whatever, recovered quickly. I even through online shopping, as he chose a very high brand reputationSharonbreast, like the people who need prosthetic limbs lost, I told myself, must learn to adapt and gradually accustomed to this life.   I do not know what the future will be; I can like other girls, love, marriage, and even children. However, I did not want the blame on others, but do not want the status quo on the future of despair. In life there are many hardships, I just happened to encounter nothing when the Mood for Love. Crying is a cowardly act, if I cannot comfortable with life, then how worthy I was born with a life-mother exchange it. Therefore, that makes my life ups and downs continue, even though I may encounter numerous difficulties in the future, I must be strong with the go. Whenever the wind, when I saw my mother is in heaven smiling, her hand was so warm, her smile is so sweet, as if she is telling me: “Son, do not be afraid, if you choose the brave, then you will overcome all difficulties in front of. “Yes, Mom, I am not afraid of the future road for me to determine the disease will not defeat me, because I am your daughter, his life in return for your baby daughter!

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