The rapid spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Europe

By | September 17, 2011

(El Mundo, Spain) September 14, World Health Organization has revealed that a resistant variant of TB is spreading rapidly in Europe; the World Health Organization has developed a containment plan.
80,000 annually in Europe cannot be treated with conventional antibiotic therapy of new cases of tuberculosis were diagnosed. In addition, between 2008 and 2009, was that “may not be cured,” XDR-TB cases increased five-fold.

World Health Organization in Europe, responsible for day one of Octavio Andre Love 13 in London, said that such rapid growth is due to the disease, many patients in the normal period of 6 months of treatment to stop drug use before the end of , resulting in bacterial resistance. These treatments were incorrect in turn spread the disease to other people, mainly through coughing.

Common cause 7% of TB patients died, but more lethal drug-resistant variants, the mortality rate can reach 50%. World Health Organization to develop plans for the region committed to improving the diagnosis and treatment capacity, is expected to 2015, the measures taken to save 12 million lives throughout Europe.
World Health Organization says it plans generated $ 5 billion in cost can be recovered, because the prevention of cases means saving $ 7 billion in treatment costs.

Drug-resistant TB in Eastern Europe is the region with the highest incidence. However, the development of the epidemic in Western Europe is also very rapid, London has become Europe’s TB capital of the new cases 3500 cases per year.

WHO European region, a responsible person of the cloth Ru Ran Naoya said: “TB is never eradicated the disease, and now began to relapse.”

Drug-resistant TB and XDR-TB treatment cycles may need to last for two years or longer, only the cost of drugs up to $ 16,000, plus the isolation in the hospital, medical and other expenses, and the cost of treatment up to 300,000 dollars.

Tuberculosis in Europe

Tuberculosis in Europe

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