Menopause, not “absolutely” the sex

By | September 18, 2011

Chinawas perishable, such as the window of a young woman leaves, after many a stormy, inadvertently, that it has faded a touch of green. So whether in their mind off the flame of youth, sex omitted light it?

A recentU.S.survey found that many menopausal symptoms affect women’s sexual life . Even claimed that menopause is the number one enemy of life.

Menopause is a clear sign of menopause. Most post-menopausal women in the 45-year-old to enter menopause. Menopause is not a long boil a boil you can easily spend that in this nearly two decades of time, sex is an integral part.

Menopause has internal cold

MedicalCollegeof Georgia,USA Dr.Mo Li and others before and after menopause for more than 1,000 women found that 60% of people have vaginal dryness, contraction and pain during intercourse or urinary tract infection symptoms. 78% of them think that their sex life some impact, while 47% had sex so stop.

Health Hospital,ShandongProvince, deputy chief physician, Dr. Honglei endocrine said, is generally believed that women between the ages of 40 and 60 by the middle into old age, the gradual termination of the period, the transitional phase is called menopause. The physiological basis of menopause is due to ovarian degradation, the loss function to complete cessation of estrogen secretion, loss of reproductive function. Menopausal women in addition to menstrual changes, there will be some clinical signs: usually in the afternoon or at night the face, neck, sudden fever, redness, easy to sweat, five upset hot; significant fluctuations in blood pressure, expressed as systolic blood pressure; chest pressure-sensitive area nausea, palpitations discomfort; anxiety, depression, Yuku, irritability, insomnia, and even moody.

For the occurrence of physical and psychological menopausal discomfort, many women are very negative and pessimistic, they believed that women lose fertility is losing sexual function, so the sex life is very cold, even refusing sex. Moreover, due to lower hormone levels in blood, vaginal secretion of lubricating fluid to reduce, resulting in vaginal wall dry sex will cause pain, leading to a reduction in the number of sexual life or obnoxious life. Reduce the number of sexual life, so the lack of vaginal response to sexual stimulation and more dry. This created a vicious cycle of sexual dysfunction, to cause them to doubt whether they have lost sexual function.

Find the reason for lingering charm

JinanCity, MCH director of gynecology, chief physician Xu Li said, the majority of postmenopausal women is in the 45-year-old. In fact, this period women’s knowledge, talent, work and life experience profound and extensive. In addition to their internal and external genital organs and breast atrophy Yousheng rational, but not to the point where aged-year high, and it is “MILFs, lingering charm.” Therefore, the physician before and after menopause for women called the “second adolescence.” At this time, pregnant women due to concerns in addition to the family economy and housing conditions have improved, children are already married and have shed all the burden, body and soul fully, gradually relaxed, but enthusiastic sex life will improve. Maintain sexual vitality of individuals and families will continue to warm, people feel healthy and confident, play the best physical potential.

Appropriate sex life is a way to exercise body and mind is a healthy sexual health initiatives. However, many postmenopausal women are psychologically embarrassing emotions. In fact, the most directly concerned with the libido is not hormone estrogen, but testosterone secreted by the adrenal gland, it is not affected by menopause. At this point, the female body the secretion of testosterone emergence of a new wave, and people often view the contrary, most menopausal women have interest that is more sexual, sexual pleasure and orgasm experience. That is, if women have good health, aging does not mean that sexual desire is the inevitable decline and loss of the ability to obtain orgasm.

Understand these changes and physical characteristics, many reporters believe in the life of menopausal women can continue to enjoy sex the second spring warm, and warmth caress life with their partner, let love people more Song of Benedict.

To be reasonable, vary

Xu Li said, from the health point of view, middle age women, ovarian dysfunction, sexual organs to reduce moisture, decreased vaginal lubrication and level of speed, flexibility to reduce the vaginal wall. For vaginal care, improving quality of life, when women need to improve genital blood circulation, the vaginal wall thickening, increase flexibility, increase moisture. Dietary intake of vitamin A, E and zinc foods such as meat, eggs, seafood, shrimp, mussels, walnut, peanut and so on vaginal health is helpful.

Menopause sex arrangement should be reasonable, should also vary. A couple’s sexual life appropriate frequency, after sexual intercourse should not feel tired the next day both the principle, but the sex life must have an appropriate restraint. Sex itself is a physical exertion. Someone has to statistics, sex once, about equal to climb a five-story building physical exertion, the excitement, the heart rate can be increased to 140 beats / min to 180 beats / min, blood pressure 2.67 ~ 5.33kPa (20 ~ 40mmHg), cardiac load increased.

Therefore, hypertension, coronary heart disease patients, no sexual intercourse is not a dangerous move. Stress data show that in sudden death, there are 0.6% occurred in the sexual intercourse.Should that menopause is not necessarily sexual intercourse to have to meet, the feelings of intimacy between husband and wife, caress each other and spiritual exchange, the list can be regarded as sexual.

Into the middle-aged woman, the difficulties in the years after, though faded youth of the CLS, but it is still is a spring sun. Flower while getting older, but the sex of the spring you can spread a rich aroma, so you indulge in this fragrance in, let your heart forever Mu spring.



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