New research found that “starve” cancer cells approach

By | September 19, 2011

Cancer is one of the important features of the rapid division and growth of cancer cells, and this process requires a lot of energy as a support, the British researchers recently published report that they found an energy source to limit the way cancer cells can be this way “starve” cancer cells to help treat cancer.

UK researchers from Imperial College and other institutions in the new issue of “Nature Cell Biology” magazine reported that cancer cells often rely on decomposition of glucose to obtain energy, if the body’s glucose levels less than other energy source is turned, the researchers found called NF-kB proteins that control the conversion of its energy supply means, if the inhibition of the function of this protein, cancer cells cannot convert the energy supply-demand approach, the energy supply will enter the state or even “starve to death.”

The researchers used colon cancer cells in laboratory experiments showed that this restriction can be a way to supply energy to kill cancer cells. In addition, if the protein in the inhibition of NF-kB function at the same time, using an existing diabetes drug metformin, the “starve” the cancer cells will greatly enhance efficiency.

A research company led the research, Professor, this is the first to reveal the protein NF-kB can regulate the function of cellular energy source, although aware of it before playing a role in cancer, but the exact mechanism is not very clear , the associated effects of cancer treatment is not very satisfactory. The study also found that it can be and metformin combination is expected on this basis to develop more effective cancer treatment.

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