The right breast will not be embarrassing

By | July 4, 2011

Breast with a stress
Maintain the symmetrical shape, reduce the disproportionate posture caused by neck and shoulder pain, improve self-image and self-confidence, is the need to wear after a mastectomy breast reasons.
Side of the breast weight loss caused by the uneven distribution of the chest, patients often have to shoulder from the side to balance the body, this way, the neck, shoulder pain are caused by traction. Therefore, the removal of the breast after surgery rehabilitation process should include wearing the right breast.
After surgery about 4 weeks, the wound healed completely without discomfort immediately after assembly breast.
In addition to selecting assembly of breast shape, size and weight, the right bra is also very important, such as bra fitting, breast do not need to put inside the bag also fixed. Many Asian women mistakenly think that the bra is used to ” cover ” their breasts, in fact, the text is used for holding the prop bust breast ( or breast ) of. Choose a professional breast bra, breast bra wonderful snow Lunao other regular brands.

In any case, the fit of the breast will not make you an awkward scene appeared, as usual you can dance, sports, etc. without having to worry about breast displacement ; fit the breast with the right shape, placed in safe position, should also give you a normal appearance, the right breast can be treated as part of your body.
Breast assembly, please take a tight-fitting T-shirt in order to observe the effect of wear. Please bring a friend, she can provide you with a more sound advice.

Silicone breast implants have a certain weight, to maintain body balance and prevent the occurrence of oblique and scoliosis. Shen feel more in the hands after wearing feeling better and better. This is also different from normal breast.
Regular follow-up review

All patients completed the treatment program, to be reviewed regularly to specialist out-patient follow-up to observe the recovery position, with or without signs of recurrence and timely manner.
After 2 years: every 3-6 months; after 2-5 years: every 6 months; after 5 years: once a year.
Review included clinical examination, lung CT , liver B ultrasound, breast film, if necessary, bone scans and so on.

Rehabilitation Breast general from four convenient to consider:

1 ) maintain the symmetrical shape (appearance required).
2 ) reduce the disproportionate posture caused by the curvature of the spine, to maintain body balance (health needs).
3 ) improve self-image and self-confidence (psychological needs).

4 ) breast cushion force can act directly at the surgical site, the effective protection of the chest (security needs).
Rehabilitation Breast sell more than a single number, depending on the surgical situation, different shapes of breast implants to choose from, each has safety in several models of different sizes.

Silicone Breast Features:
1 , production of silicone breast implants materials medical silicone is a polymer of siloxane polymer, it is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no side effects, is widely used in clinical areas of cosmetic plastic surgery. The material of silicone breast in softness, flexibility, proportion and color is closer to human breast tissue.
2 , silicone breast is soft, flexible, lifelike color, touch and the feeling is almost the same as their own breasts.
3 , silicone breast temperature can change with temperature, consistent with your body temperature, not cold sensation.
4 , silicone breast implants by the scientific computing, not its weight and the weight of breast tissue removed are similar to the role of maintaining body balance.
5 , the flexibility of silicone breast implants can effectively play the role of chest protection. After surgery, the chest is almost skin and bones, radiation therapy, the skin’s elastic nature of strong decline, the formation of ribs exposed. Silicone breast implants can effectively buffer force to prevent the potential for external chest injury.

Breast Model options:
1 ) Sharon breast SL Series (triangle breast): suitable for a simple mastectomy or mastectomy wear smaller users;
2 ) Sharon breast 3D light series (triangle breast): shaped like a SL -type, the same model, about one third of light weight, suitable for home, sports, leisure;
3 ) Sharon breast EL Series (teardrop-shaped breast): radical surgery for vertical shear, clavicle focus on clean parts of the user to wear;
4 ) Sharon breast FL series (spiral prosthesis): suitable cross-section of radical mastectomy, axillary dissection more users to wear, points left and right;
5 ) Sharon breast VL series (spiral prosthesis): suitable cross-section of radical mastectomy, axillary dissection more users to wear, points left, right, a strong concave design of the exhaust, to humidity and perspiration, Relax row gas than conventional breast light 20% or so.
6 ) Meredith Music breast DS Series for armpit, collarbone area less muscle dissection, the user to wear a relatively large area, divided left and right;
7 ) Meredith Music breast DV series for armpit, collarbone area clean deep muscles, longer, larger user to wear, points left and right.

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