The seven strokes to the breast, “insurance”

By | June 18, 2011

Good mood:
Yes, fear is breast cancer a good mood! Because a good mood, and ovarian normal ovulation will not be a bad mood to block, it will not reduce the secretion of progesterone, the breast will not be on estrogen to stimulate the emergence of unilateral hyperplasia, hyperplasia of the breast would have been in the progesterone under the care towards recovery.

Sleep pattern:
Sleep not only helps balance the endocrine, but also to provide a balanced body, hormones play a variety of health benefits of a good environment. Unity is power; the natural synergy of various hormones can beat breast cancer.

Harmonious sexual life:
First, a harmonious sex life can regulate endocrine; stimulate the secretion of progesterone, increasing the intensity of breast conservation and restoration efforts. Of course, sex can also stimulate the secretion of estrogen, but under the supervision of the progesterone, estrogen can only be nice breast, there is no opportunity to hyperplasia. In addition, the orgasm stimulation can accelerate blood circulation, avoiding the breast due to proliferation of the emergence of poor blood to run.

Pregnancy, breast-feeding:
Pregnancy, breast-feeding is a good way to fight against breast cancer, progesterone sufficient to effectively protect, repair, breast, and breast feeding can fully developed, and well after weaning degradation, less prone to proliferation.

Conditioning period:
Clinical findings of women menstrual cycle disorders are more susceptible than other breast hyperplasia, endocrine conditioning through the conditioning period, but also the prevention and treatment of breast hyperplasia.

Low-fat high-fiber diet:
Follow the “low-fat high-fiber” diet principles, eat more whole grains, beans and vegetables, increase the body’s metabolic pathways, to reduce the breast by the negative stimulus. Also, control of animal protein intake to avoid too much estrogen, resulting in hyperplasia.
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Healthy woman body

Healthy woman body

Vitamins, minerals:
The human body if the lack of B vitamins, vitamin C or calcium, magnesium and other minerals, prostaglandin E synthesis will be affected, other hormones in the breast will appear under or over-stimulation increased proliferation.


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