Sharon experts take you out of the female breast “cognitive errors”

By | June 18, 2011

Cognitive errors: Most breast cancer the disease will occur.

Sharon experts to correct: breast disease and breast cancer are two different things, many breast diseases such as breast cancer, benign breast lumps and other carcinogenic potential are very small, the general mass of drug therapy or surgery can be. Some need surgery or even a benign fibrous tumor removed, but also a minor, the patient can persist as long as regular checks with a doctor for treatment, the disease can be effectively improved. Do not breast female friend was sick immediately think of breast cancer will occur or that he scared himself, emotional stress, leading to endocrine disorders, so instead of endangering their health.

Misperceptions II: women over age 50 were only the need for regular breast examination.

Sharon experts to correct: no matter which age groups of women have breast cancer risk exists, but is likely how much. 45-60 year-old is currently a high incidence of breast cancer, age, and year to do a breast X-ray examination is the preferred preventive measures for elderly women. At the same time, young women should conduct regular monthly self-test, in general, 7-11 days after the end of menstruation is the best time to touch the breast examination, if unusual, should seek immediate medical attention. Women can be conditional to hospital for a year through regular screening of breast diseases, breast cancer cannot be relied young age that he is very far away. Only “early examination, early detection, early treatment,” is a good way away from the breast!

Misperceptions III: breast cancer always lumps form.

Sharon experts to correct: the majority of women with palpable breast lump and worried about a possible hedge against the symptoms of breast cancer awareness, but the face of the other breast abnormalities, but does not care. In fact, the mass to a certain extent may indicate breast cancer; it may just be a benign tumor. In general, when there is nipple discharge, skin irritation or depression around the breast, nipple inward contraction of other symptoms, should lead guard. Some people will be mistaken for the symptoms of breast inflammation, so do not take this seriously, just eat medicine to nothing, not knowing that treatment is delayed, it is very wrong. To determine whether the risk of their breast what disease, or through regular detailed inspection to determine the hospital.

Misperceptions IV: mother suffering from breast cancer, her daughter will suffer from breast cancer.

Sharon experts to correct: hereditary breast cancer is like a cloud, there is always shrouded in the family the hearts of female breast cancer patients. Be noted that the gene is not a so-called “Judgment”, some people carrying hereditary breast cancer gene, but her life is passing with breast cancer; some people even do not carry hereditary genes, the same as the latter part of the environment, diet, endocrine or other factors affect the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, for women with breast cancer family members, the first psychological quality must be excellent, do not worry they will not get sick blindly, but should pay attention to proper pressure relief, so that his state of mind to maintain peace and stability. At the same time have a hedge against awareness, adjusting the diet, taking more exercise, and regular breast examination; this is the correct attitude towards hereditary breast cancer.

Misperceptions V: wear a bra will increase the risk of breast cancer.

Sharon experts to correct: the so-called “bra will oppress the breast lymphatic system, resulting in toxin accumulation induced breast cancer,” this argument, in fact, there is a big one-sidedness. Women wear a bra to make breast shaping, especially in the developmental stage of adolescent girls, this time wearing a bra and to avoid future shape of the deformation or sagging breasts, this is a quest for beauty, is a normal phenomenon. We only advocate for the breast should be properly relaxed, such as home, try not to sleep wearing a bra, the breasts can have a chance of blood circulation. Meanwhile, in daily life must be careful not to Le too tight chest, nipple to avoid injury by friction.

Misperceptions VI: There is no risk after a mastectomy.

Sharon experts to correct: Many breast cancer patients that surgical removal of the breast that is needed, then returned to fatigue, overeating, lack of exercise, abuse of beauty living conditions, not because of laziness or even some patients received postoperative Medicine adjuvant therapy, but also from time to time review, and so. Ultimately, breast cancer recurrence, the consequences could be disastrous. Patients need to be reminded of is: the removal of the breast does not mean forever goodbye to breast cancer, in addition to pay attention to daily care, we have to adhere to postoperative adjuvant therapy in medicine, which can regulate the endocrine, but also inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In general, do a breast-conserving surgery in patients in the first three years to review once every six months, three years later into the stable period to review once a year; do mastectomy in patients with a comprehensive inspection at least once a year the body, in order to avoid the other side of breast cancer or the occurrence of new cancer cells transferred to other organs.


sharon-pink-ribbonSharon expert at this prompt you: whether they are high risk of breast cancer, women should be proactive in reducing breast cancer risk, such as irritable mood control, self-relaxation of spare time to participate in programs to maintain weight and avoid obesity, adhere to the law movement, reduce or eliminate alcohol intake, quit smoking, focus on the deployment of rational diet, drink a cup of yogurt every day, or regular consumption of vegetables and cancer, learn regular monthly breast examination, annual professional breast disease screening, etc. These are a good way to prevent breast cancer. To learn more about breast cancer expertise, please visit Sharon Pink Ribbon Forum.


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