Pregnant Women

By | June 19, 2011
Two Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women


Pregnant women should pay special attention during pregnancy, if accidentally, necessities that one would cause harm to the fetus.

1, ate the food of female mold elements

Experts point out that pregnant women if the ingestion of contaminated food mold elements (mold food), mycotoxins can be hurt the fetus through the placenta, causing fetal cells in vivo chromosome breakage.

2, female drinking

Pregnant women drinking alcohol through the placenta into the developing embryo, fetus to serious damage. Drink more than two drinks per day during pregnancy can affect the fetus and even dangerous; drinking 2-4 cups a day, then there is the risk of abnormal development. Such a small brain, ear, nose and upper lip generous and so very small.

3, early onset of high fever in pregnant women

Early pregnancy, women are too hot, even if the child does not appear obvious appearance of deformity, but brain development may be adversely affected, manifested as mental retardation, poor ability to learn and react. This is due to high fever caused by mental retardation of fetal brain cell death, decrease the number of brain cells, that mental retardation cannot be restored. Of course, the high fever caused by birth defects with pregnant women, the sensitivity of heat and other factors.

4, day makeup, women

According to the U.S., a survey shows that daily makeup, the incidence of fetal malformations was not heavy make-up of 1.25 times. The development of fetal malformations have a negative impact is mainly cosmetic containing arsenic, lead, mercury and other toxic substances that are pregnant skin and mucous membrane absorption, fetal blood through the barrier into the fetal blood circulation, affecting the normal fetal development. Second, some ingredients in cosmetics by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation resulting from a teratogenic effect of aromatic amines quality.

5, pregnant women stress

Person’s mood by the central nervous and endocrine systems control the endocrine hormones of the adrenal cortex is closely related with people’s emotions change. Pregnant women, emotional stress, the adrenal cortex hormones may prevent the fusion of embryonic tissue the role of a Peacemaker, when it occurs in pregnancy during the first three months, will result in fetal malformations such as cleft lip or cleft palate.

6, pregnant women close to the cats and dogs

Few people know the cat carrier is a threat of causing fetal abnormalities very source of infectious diseases, and cat feces is the main way the spread of malignant diseases. According to statistics, in the UK, because pregnant women close to the cat to the baby adverse consequences, about infected pregnant women, 40%, about 500 babies were victimized cat.


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