Menstrual Migraine Symptoms

Menstrual migraine symptoms   32-year-old Julia, has been working in a foreign company for eight years, the body has been good, but in a few months before the headache symptoms started. At first she did not care, because not every time is long, headache symptoms go away. Later, she discovered a law, that headache is almost all… Read More »

Intercourse during menstruation

All women with endometrial placental mammals, the accumulation, the animals fertile, but the removal of (menstruated) when the animals infertile. Some anthropologists question the reconstruction of the endometrium each reproductive cycle energy costs. However, anthropologists made rich Constella Mann does not have the energy savings continue to maintain the endometrium more than offset by having to… Read More »

Early Pregnancy Abortion

Early Pregnancy Video on Youtube Negative pregnancy test: Also known as missed abortion or stillbirth high. Means the death of the embryo in the uterine cavity were still missed, and more generally the product of pregnancy resulting in symptoms after 1-2 months of discharge. Therefore, all the provisions of the embryo stops growing after 2… Read More »

A new era in treatment of cancer of immune cells

1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine winner of two experts have made: to deal with the disease, the human with the use of mercenaries (drugs), it is better to enhance their combat ability (immune system). With the human immune system itself to eliminate abnormal, the ability of tumor cells, but the job of the immune T cells… Read More »

Cancer diet notes

Notes cancer diet, avoid eating cold food, cool place and time than the noodles, milk, bowl of soup so do not drink. Because of the narrow parts of the esophagus is very clear on the cold stimulation, easily lead to esophageal spasm, nausea, vomiting, anesthesia and other pain and swelling feeling. So eat the warm food is good. Nutritious diet is the protection of patients. Rehabilitation of cancer patients should pay attention to diet: They cannot eat the acrid, hot, smelly, wake up the spicy food, because these foods can also cause esophageal spasm, so that patients have discomfort. When the patient a sense of choking, do not forcibly swallowing, otherwise it will stimulate the local blood cancer, proliferation, transfer, and pain. Should be in a… Read More »

What harm pregnant women adds to the growing low-fat yogurt?

Recently, according to a HarvardUniversity study found that early, excessive intake of low-fat dairy products and increased risk of infertility. However, according to the British “Daily Mail” the latest report, the European Respiratory Society 2011 Annual Meeting announced the completion of a new HarvardUniversity study found that mothers often drink low-fat yogurt will also increase the risk of asthma in children in the future risks. Harvard University School of Public Health researchers analyzed more than 60,000 women in the diet during pregnancy, and children of these women had follow-up survey, until the child 7 years of age. The results showed… Read More »

The early signs of cancer

1. Esophageal signal : A sense of choking when swallowing food, pain, and chest discomfort Fullness, esophageal foreign body sensation or pain in the upper abdomen. Experts recommend preventive measures: do not eat moldy food; eat hot, hot food, tea, porridge is good to 50 degrees Celsius; to prevent water pollution, improve water quality; do… Read More »

New research found that “starve” cancer cells approach

Cancer is one of the important features of the rapid division and growth of cancer cells, and this process requires a lot of energy as a support, the British researchers recently published report that they found an energy source to limit the way cancer cells can be this way “starve” cancer cells to help treat cancer.… Read More »

Menopause, not “absolutely” the sex

Chinawas perishable, such as the window of a young woman leaves, after many a stormy, inadvertently, that it has faded a touch of green. So whether in their mind off the flame of youth, sex omitted light it? A recentU.S.survey found that many menopausal symptoms affect women’s sexual life . Even claimed that menopause is the number one enemy… Read More »