Diet of the cooking methods of gastric cancer

By | October 7, 2011

Gastric Diet cooking methods, cooking, raw food is to be modulated into fried food in the process. Diet food is a combination of drugs and food, and made with nourishing the physical, physiological functions of human conditioning, so as to achieve healthy longevity for the purpose of the special food.
According to the theory of homology of food and medicine, medicine and food, have a cold, hot, warm, cool four-gas and acid, acrid, sweet, bitter and salty flavors.
Taking into account the effect of the Diet must take into account the premise of the beauty of form and taste delicious. Such as complement and stomach, benefit the spleen and kidney of the yam nauseating pill, to the sweet and savory appropriate, and then served with sesame seeds complement both the spleen and stomach, but also adds flavor.
(A) the purpose of cooking Diet
To keep drugs and food juice, flavor-based, accompanied by the appropriate materials prepared its color, smell, taste, shape, and reliable utility to do both, there are more delicious to induce color, flavor and shape people's appetite so willing to use, so that the inherent Diet utility given full play.
Diet consists of two basic purposes: the food prepared by some cooking, give full play to the role of the medical; with appropriate drugs into, through technology in the form of food processing and assigns.
(B) of the cooking characteristics of Diet
1. Diet is the main form of soup based.
2. Diet processing methods to stew, boiled, steamed based.
3. Diet flavoring materials generally should be maintained with the delicious taste of itself, not it is appropriate to change or reduce the spices original flavor, which is the consistency of the properties and efficacy as the starting point of consideration.
Gastric Diet cooking methods (c) the specific cooking methods Diet
1. Were cooking food and medicine directly to drugs and food while cooking in the pan. This is the traditional customary system are therapeutic method.
(1) Diet food and medicine seats above: comparison of medicated valuable medicinal herbs used, and no discomfort odor, color of fresh herbs form the United States can use this method. Such as Gastrodia head, pseudo-ginseng chicken, duck Cordyceps.
(2) but not drug Diet: The cooking of food and medicine, there were a class of drugs that have medicinal properties, but not see, eat there after the effect of the species. If Shiquandabutang, Eight chicken soup. This method is suitable in the composition of prescription drugs more medicated, and has the smell and the ugly color of the drug.
2. Diet drug and food points system in the process of cooking, the first drug and food were extracted using different methods and cooking, and then certain requirements made of them together medicated. Diet points system common to the following conditions.
(1) Diet does not contain the smell, ugly color and shape of the drugs, such as Chuanxiong, Moreover, Zaocys.
(2) Diet containing too many drugs, such as: Shiquandabutang, Eight chicken soup.
(3) Diet drugs and food in the same way should not be used for cooking, such as the Eucommia Eucommia kidney, liver Shouwu Shouwu film.

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