The medicinal properties of commonly used therapeutic drugs

By | October 7, 2011

Medicinal properties of commonly used therapeutic drugs, food has a reason for disease treatment, mainly because of their drugs, their sexual Piansheng taste. Can taste the food for different sexual nature of the disease, the use of Masaharu, anti-government and other methods to adjust the yin and yang of human blood, Quxie righting, efforts to restore Yin Pingyang secret.
A medicinal drug, diet foods. Diet and herbs, like four five flavors, which is cool and cold and heat, Xin Gan sour salty bitter. "Heat the cold, to cool the heat, the temperature of those clear, cool temperatures are the" other treatment principle also applies to diet. However, four of the food, as four of the share of drugs so clear, it is generally divided into warm and cold of the two categories, which range between two categories of persons are classified as flat.
(A) The Food of the four gas
Nutritious food is mainly refers to the four gas, that is cold, hot, warm and cool. Level of the majority, followed by warm, cold at least. Some common food four gas as follows:
1. Warm food
(1) Meat: dog meat, beef, chicken, turtle meat, lamb, bird meat, shrimp, meat nosed pit viper, snake, etc. Zaocys.
(2) vegetable species: soybean, broad bean, beans, mussels, carrots, onions, garlic, pepper, chives, mustard, rape, coriander and pepper.
(3) Other: brown sugar, rice, flour, milk and so on.
2. Cold food
(1) meat: pork, turtle meat, meat, oysters, duck, rabbit, goose and so on.
(2) vegetable species: spinach, cabbage, bean sprouts, celery, grams of food, winter grams of vegetables, bamboo shoots, cucumber, bitter gourd, eggplant, melon, seaweed.
(3) fruits: pears, watermelon, tangerine, orange, sleeves, persimmon. Other: barley, wheat, mung beans, millet, sugar, milk, raw honey.
3. Level of food
(1) Meat: carp meat, fish ink.
(2) Plastic Packaging Materials: red bean, black beans, green beans, sponge gourd, edible fungus, lily, lotus seeds, dates, cauliflower, potatoes, yellow and so on.
(3) Other: duck eggs, yams, almonds, grapes, peaches, figs and so on.
The medicinal properties of common diet drugs (b) of the flavors of food
Flavors of food and medical treatment is also very close relationship. Gomi is the role of "Xin Gan divergence for Yang, Suanku vent yin Chung, Chung vent salty yin, yang mild infiltration leakage." Disease in which the different organs, the taste of the food they need is different. "Su asked the five internal organs generated" on the cloud "like bitter heart, lungs like Sim, like acid, liver, spleen like sweet, renal For Viagra, the flavors of the share also, the five internal organs of the gas." See the taste of diet therapy and food relations close.
Different flavors of food with different treatment, the general said: pungent with qi, Blood Circulation and exhalation. Usually used to treat the table card and block blood. Foods such as onions, ginger, mint, pepper. Xin and warm and cold food is and can.
Sweet has the priority and benefit in the role. Usually for the treatment of deficiency and Juji pain. Foods such as honey, caramel, licorice and so on. Run by Sweet food quality, and can run it is.
Has the effect of convergence and Guse sour, usually for the treatment of sweating, diarrhea and nocturnal emission all proof. Food such as plum, hawthorn and so on. Vent and dampness with the role of bitter, often used to treat heat syndrome secret knot. Foods such as almonds, bitter and so on.
The role of salt with Endometriosis, usually for the treatment will end, gall tumors, tumor and so on. Food such as kelp, jellyfish, oysters and so on.

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