The theoretical basis of TCM therapeutic

By | October 7, 2011

The theoretical basis of therapeutic medicine, a person may be life is not an injection, do not take medicine, but have to eat every day. Diet has a long history in China, since ancient times, "Medical and Edible", "food and medicine clan," said. "Li Ka containing the text" written "marry's fire by rubbing sticks, guns born cooked, it is helpless sick. Is different from an animal." Can be said to have started the human diet. Chinese anti-cancer therapeutic , is based on the traditional food therapy, Chinese medicine to theory, with certain anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect of the phase compatibility of food and some medicine, and unique food cooking techniques, to produce with a certain color, flavor and shape of food, used in cancer patients, which formed a unique anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine regimen. Chinese diet has the same basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine's basic concept, and in the following aspects.
(A) the concept of correspondence between man and the overall nutritional
Chinese medicine holds that in between heaven and earth, as a part of nature, and nature has interlinked the corresponding relationship. Two thousand years ago, the ancient physicians to recognize the nature of eating the body of the physiological and pathological implications. In view of the whole under the guidance of nutrition, the use of food to achieve the tonic, diarrhea fact, the purpose of adjustment of yin and yang. Since ancient times, in order to combat disease, health longevity of ancient Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, medical, Wu various theories, no need of harmonization with nature within the human body to illustrate the theory of human birth, old age, sickness and death rule, but also application of the laws of Heaven are all appropriate measures to guide the daily diet, it is necessary to note that full meals "together and served the" claim for the same time, the land, the person, the different illness, diet changes in the content should also be done to "trial by dining" and "dialectical meal."
(B) the concept of food and medicine integrated nutrition
Medicinal and Edible, the performance of food and drugs have the same shape, color, air, taste, quality and other characteristics. Therefore, the use of food or medicine (and) drug for nutrition and health care, or treatment and rehabilitation of the situation is extremely common. Food and drug use, mainly based on the application chosen by the Food and Drug theoretical guidance for the same, that is, the Food and Drug empathy. As the Golden Generation "pro-life pension book" said "things as land and water are no less than thousands of food products, the five-reinforcing and reducing the five flavors of hot and cold, Yijie are yin and yang, and the drugs without knowing special person who … … feeding, transfer and use of, the times are better than drugs … … drugs are not as good governance, good governance, food. "thousands of years, the development process in the pharmaceutical, food and medicine go the same way, the Food and Drug Similarly, food and drug use has become folk knowledge, this is Chinese food nutrition is a major feature. Some properties of Chinese medicine and food, in particular, or adjust the body's yin and yang, replenishing the function of blood have been the same, with harmony, a close relationship. From a number of herbal medicine, prescription books is not difficult to find examples of food and medicine with the use, such as black-bone chicken, lamb, animal skin, pig skin, bird eggs, onions, ginger, jujube also have a benefit of yin and yang, qi and blood fill the stomach with or transfer Qi Gong, and drugs can be obtained with the use of complementary role. The large number of recipes, recipes, tea also contains a lot of spectrum can be used as drugs in foods such as wolfberry fruit, Chinese yam and medicine, astragalus, angelica, cinnamon, etc. to improve physical health and prevention of food diseases.
(C) regulate Yin and Yang concept Nutrition
Analysis of diet books and dietary history is easy to see, grasp the changes of yin and yang, yin and yang, the therapeutic activity around the conditioning, so that the body remain "Yin Pingyang secret", but the core of the traditional theory of nutrition. Now add "Q to the larger theory of truth," said "Cha Ming Yang would like to lie, to level three." TCM theory holds that the body of disease, reason, are due to imbalance of yin and yang of it. Therefore, the diet regimen, treatment and rehabilitation methods, and drug therapy, acupuncture, qigong, massage, such as guidance, will regulate Yin and Yang as a basic principle. Bone doctrinaire} {Su Wen said, "stressed the yin and yang, less than the fill, more than the diarrhea." Should be with the bogey on the diet, medicine is also the balance of yin and yang as a starting point, pro-Yin Pingyang secret is appropriate and vice versa for bogey. For example, people should not eat greasy phlegm; Muhuo people should not eat spicy quality; for more than the old yin yang deficiency should not eat hot Jun complement of products; for some patients, such as skin diseases, asthma should not eat fish, shrimp and other seafood fat objects; of Wei Han patients eat cold food. In short, the expression "filling in the empty", but in reality diarrhea of the "heat the cold," to cool the heat, "A principle.
In addition, transfers of food and food preparation with respect, but also focus on yin and yang of Chinese medicine, used to make unbiased cold meals, hot side, partial rise, partial reduction and other defects. For example, cooking fish, shrimp, crabs and other cold food always accompanied by ginger, onions, wine, vinegar sauce warm to prevent the sexual side cold, after eating the disadvantages of the spleen and stomach damage. Another example is the class of vegetable species eat leek yang yin of the goods often accompanied by eggs, but also complement each other in order to achieve the purpose of yin and yang.
(D) diagnosis and treatment with TCM and meal
TCM and TCM syndrome differentiation meal is the specific application in the Diet. 1 being "is the premise of meal facilities," Shi meal "to" card "based on the same card wen, permit different treatment differences.
1. For meal card facilities
(1) Heart Syndrome Syndrome Differentiation meal
Heart Qi: lotus longan soup.
Heart Yang Deficiency: Shenqi sheep's head soup.
Efforts virtual: Angelica pig heart soup.
Heart Yin Deficiency: Heart KM.
Firelight on inflammation: irrigation lotus soup.
(2) liver meal syndrome Syndrome Differentiation
Hepatic blood shortage: Qi pseudo-ginseng chicken red.
Anger on the inflammation: Chrysanthemum porridge.
Liver Qi Stagnation: kumquat drink. Hyperactivity: Cassia drink chrysanthemum plants.
(3) spleen meal syndrome Syndrome Differentiation
Qi Deficiency: yam nauseating pill.
Temper subsidence: Astragalus steamed.
Spleen does not control blood: the spleen and chicken soup.
Spleen yang deficiency: impotence Gourou Tang.
Alpine spleen: Amomum porridge.
Spleen: Chine drink.
(4) pulmonary syndrome Dialectic meal
Lung Qi: Lily sugar drink.
Lung Yin: Lily bee sugar drink.
Cold beam of lung: Jiang Tang drink.
Wind-heat Fanfei: loofah nectar drink.
Hot lung injury: caramel milk.
(5) The Dialectic of renal syndromes meal
Deficiency: bird eggs shrimp soup.
Kidney: privet turtle broth. Kidney qi not: honey walnut stew flavors.
Kidney qi: Sheep Ridge porridge.
2 the theoretical basis of therapeutic medicine. For feeding the body when applied is a unified organic whole dynamic balance between nature and man, this balance will occur once the disorder disease. Human physiological function changes with the seasons change the climate, diet must also be taken to reach that under the day to make corres
ponding changes in dietary adjustments. Spring, suitable for promotion and replacement, edible Shouwu liver tablets, ginseng rice belly; summer, suitable for Ching, Ching Shu Qi edible soup, spleen Chao Shou, Yin-hua Lu; long summer, suitable for light make up, edible snow chicken Tang, yi elbows; fall, suitable for flat fill, edible Shenmai Tuan Yu, two whole ducks Ren; winter, suitable for warming, edible Shuangbian aphrodisiac soup, mutton soup monkshood.
The theoretical basis of Chinese medicine diet 3. Because of who applied the quality of meals with different endowments of human, physical strength, different personality types, even in the same person at different times, ups and downs of their physical and blood is changed. The diet must be fully taken into account the situation and take the most appropriate therapeutic program. Different sexes, different ages, different from the diet Taboo; different body of people, there are differences in their diet Taboo. For example, many people are fat phlegm, phlegm appropriate eat light food; thin and many people yin deficiency, blood loss Tianjin, therefore, I should eat more yin fluid food.
The theoretical basis of Chinese medicine diet 4. Due to China's vast dining facilities, local natural conditions, culture, customs are not the same, so people's eating habits, physical and even has its own different illnesses. Diet in the different regions must also be noted, take appropriate diet in the region. Produced by different regions has different beverages and foodstuffs. Such as general food – rice, "Compendium of Materia Medica" on that "North japonica cool, South japonica temperature, … …", indicating that different regions have been fully aware of the production of food, different regions can have different effects the human body. Therefore, the choice of application of foods, must take full account of different origin, noted that the origin of the differences are the impact on the taste of food and many other issues.

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