Incentives for liver cancer

By | October 8, 2011

Incentives for liver cancer
Incentives for liver cancer, as moldy food contains a lot of aflatoxin. The occurrences of aflatoxin and liver cancer have a close relationship. 60’s to the 20th century, aflatoxin can cause turkeys found dead, and to get the fish liver squatting, then Youyi rats fed aflatoxin Bl and induce liver cancer, liver cancer from aflatoxin research is very active and . Aflatoxins are highly toxic material over, the survey found that aflatoxin contamination in China with high incidence area map almost the same geographic distribution, and some even pointed out that liver cancer incidence associated with aflatoxin and HBV is closely than it seems. HBV and liver cancer observed between the southern Guangxi, and found aflatoxin levels were positively correlated with liver cancer mortality, once a linear relationship; in the Qidong, Fusui aflatoxin intake of the residents survey, the two high incidence of Residents of aflatoxins in urine excreted were significantly higher than those with low incidence area; the 20th century, a high incidence area of Guangxi’s 90’s 46,000 residents 5 years, 10 years prospective study, high intake area on liver cancer 5 years and 10 years incidence rates were 98.4/10 and 83.0/10 million million, significantly higher than the low intake area on (27.0/10 and 19.2/10 million million). Recent research has focused on the mechanism of aflatoxin induced liver cancer, that affect the normal structure and function of liver cells, suppression of the immune system. Aflatoxins cause liver cancer process comprises three steps: liver cell degeneration and necrosis; foci of liver cell proliferation and nodule formation; liver cancer, occurs mainly from the proliferation of cancerous cells in the eosinophilic or basophilic cells. Aflatoxin in the body by the liver microsomal mixed function cytochrome P450 activation, the formation of both aflatoxin epoxide with nucleophilic macromolecules caused by mutations in DNA binding, which is proved by the molecular epidemiology.
A large number of epidemiological and experimental studies at home and abroad indicate that the low sun and liver cancer. Liver incentives, HCC patients with their blood and lives off the glutathione levels and Valley peroxidase activity (GSH-Px) survey showed that from normal, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis to HCC, the level of blood and lives in a decreasing tendency in all groups There was a significant difference, but also the blood GSH-Px activity was positively correlated with the blood of the sun. GSH-Px Stone West is an essential component, and drying and GSH-Px are important antioxidant, so the lack of HCC formation. However, low indeed and the geographical distribution of the high incidence of liver cancer are not consistent, or even a positive correlation of the results, such as Australia, New Zealand and China Keshan disease, Kashin-Beck disease endemic area is the famous lack of drying areas, not only does not increase the incidence of liver cancer the contrary, lower than the average region, suggesting that the West is not a stone missing a direct cause of liver cancer. Lack of drying is therefore proposed the development of liver cancer and the condition factor. Stone West is not an independent carcinogenic factor may be secondary factors. Only when there are a large number of environmental carcinogens, the cancer was high. Qidong area lot of research done on the sun, and sun-spot group serving anti-cancer work, and achieved encouraging results. Trace elements and liver cancer study has just started, further conclusions have yet to be more to confirm the epidemiological and experimental.
Incentives for liver cancer, epidemiological findings suggest that different types of drinking water, residents of liver cancer mortality are not the same. According to the unbalanced geographical distribution of liver cancer, liver cancer developed water pollution is an independent risk factor. The 20th century, some 70 and 80 years of high incidence of water pollution and liver cancer were investigated in liver cancer incidence in different groups of drinking water were: house ditch water (pond ditch water irrigation ditch water deep well; drink pond water ditch areas of high liver cancer mortality rates, drinking water from deep well and water is the liver cancer protective factors. water pollution, a relationship can cause liver cancer, said: H20 ten Xi liver cancer, that H20 is the harmful element, in which the Xi will become the research focus. known Xi may have: organochlorine pesticides, humic acid, microcystin, and the lack of some trace elements. In addition, water pollution also can increase opportunities for HBV infection. In summary, water pollution is the liver cancer is an important reason.

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