The purpose of gastric cancer rehabilitation

By | October 7, 2011

The purpose of cancer rehabilitation is to maximize the quality of life of patients and restore their physical, to stabilize their emotions. Prognosis depends on the formulation of rehabilitation plan and available resources. To get the best results, patients, families and medical staff must work closely together, patients should be encouraged to go with the flow and keep the spirit of optimism. For this turn of events the family, its members may have to share more responsibility and decision-making. In addition to patients and their families, the rehabilitation staff of doctors, nurses, social workers, social workers, medical components, such as the need may also request others to join, such as psychologists, community workers and so on.
Specific objective of the project depends on the rehabilitation of the patient's requirements and loss of function of the type and duration. In order to reduce morbidity or disability, before therapy, preventive measures should be taken, and in tumors after treatment recovery measures should be taken. Some cases, to cure cancer or extend survival time, had to take a treatment affect the body or spirit, so that some short-term or permanent loss of function of C major is the way to recovery activities or a wheelchair to increase the patient's movement through the Hangzou the extent and improve muscle strength and athletic ability. When the disease or treatment resulted in appearance of damage, repair is necessary, but also spiritual comfort and psychological support to help stabilize the patient's emotions.
Broad sense, refers to the rehabilitation to help patients adapt to cancer diagnosis and treatment of a number of ways. Thus, in cancer diagnosis, it should begin to plan, implement rehabilitation. In developing the plan should first fully understand the process of cancer treatment, potential complications and expected results.
Of advanced or metastatic patients had a rehabilitation mainly to improve the quality of life. Despite the poor prognosis of rehabilitation is not a contraindication, but should set realistic goals. The main task of rehabilitation personnel affect patients quality of life is to ease the symptoms, providing a quiet, comfortable treatment environment, and be physical or spiritual support, so, pain control and nutritional conditioning is very important.
The purpose of gastric cancer rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation in the past on two concerns: First, the traditional concept of cancer is pronounced as "incurable" disease, they can not recover, the patient can only struggling to survive, not interested "rehabilitation" word; the second is application of physical therapy for rehabilitation will lead to metastatic spread of cancer cells, so cancer patients refused physiotherapy. In recognition of the various misunderstandings, the quality of life of cancer patients improved the recovery of physiological function and psychological life of patients with very few Chinese medicine in cancer should be the role of rehabilitation is far not been realized. Now, with the development of medicine has become the common diseases are not incurable cancer, cancer continues to extend the life of patients, cancer rehabilitation has become increasingly urgent social problem. Facts have proved that, with the continuous expansion of the scope of rehabilitation, rehabilitation measures and means advances, has led to some cancer patients, physically and mentally to return to the standards of ordinary people – take care of themselves, their competence to become a member of the health of the community.

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