Chinese medicine treatment of liver cancer

By | October 8, 2011

Chinese medicine treatment of liver cancer
Chinese medicine treatment of liver cancer in China features. Most of the clinical findings of liver cancer is unresectable liver cancer, liver cancer in these particular patients with advanced, treatment can be given only traditional Chinese medicine and biological treatment. The role of Chinese medicine treatment: surgery should not be extended for survival. on to surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and treatment of patients can play the role of adjuvant therapy, such as enhanced immune function, improving appetite, improving microcirculation and so indirectly improve the outcome. on the liver -specific hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver background, Chinese medicine has a certain effect. The characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine is to improve the symptoms better, a small side effect, to maintain good body condition, slow progression of the disease, few patients and see the AFP decline in individual patients can be seen tumor shrinkage, and more were living with tumor, tumor larger than slow. Recent experience is desirable according to Chinese medicine theory diagnosis and treatment, instead of a traditional Chinese medicine is appropriate to treat all liver cancer patients.
Treatment is in terms of domestic factions, some of the main advocates who detoxification, and some advocated mainly by blood of the mark, and some advocated mainly spleen qi and so on. Chinese medicine treatment of liver cancer, in the case of integrative medicine, should pay attention to both complement attack, such as the Western radiotherapy and chemotherapy for the "attack", the Chinese should "fill" such as pure Chinese medicine, is often "supplementation and attack" . More commonly used in the present, migraine attacks, such as Ginseng Decoction of persons, such as the abundance of those who had partial righting Ju Di Huang Wan. Practice shows that partial use of detoxification, broken gas Poxue and diarrhea of the goods, easy to induce hepatic coma and bleeding.
Chinese medicine treatment of liver cancer on the scientific basis, the Shanghai Medical University Cancer Hospital, Chinese qi to the spleen and its co-ordination with radiation and chemotherapy, were more clinical and experimental research. Experiments show that traditional Chinese medicine the spleen qi: can increase natural killer cells in mice spleen CNK) and T cell activity, the tumor shrink. inhibited by the diethyl adhesive agent for carcinogenesis to hope for the cancer-promoting agent ethylene female rats induced liver cancer. reduce carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in rats. mouse protein deficiency can return to normal levels, the higher the globulin decreased to reduce the glycogen back to normal. can increase the radiation on the growth of human liver cancer inhibition rate and prolong survival. avoid chemotherapy-induced NK cell activity decreased significantly. In short, the spleen qi deficiency mouse liver model of traditional Chinese medicine on immune status has enhance and protect liver function, improve metabolism and so on; also have some impact on cancer cells; with radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be synergistic with the use and reduce side effects; and a help block the cancer process.

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