Menstrual Disorders

First, what is menstrual disorders Menstrual cycle or bleeding of abnormal or pre-menstrual, abdominal pain and menstrual symptoms. Common gynecological diseases. Chinese generally referred to as irregular menstruation, menstrual disorders, and irregular menstruation in turn grouped into early menstruation, late, menorrhagia, or after a few months. According to medical definition, every 21-35 days come by, there will… Read More »

The rapid spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Europe

(El Mundo, Spain) September 14, World Health Organization has revealed that a resistant variant of TB is spreading rapidly in Europe; the World Health Organization has developed a containment plan. 80,000 annually in Europe cannot be treated with conventional antibiotic therapy of new cases of tuberculosis were diagnosed. In addition, between 2008 and 2009, was that “may not be cured,” XDR-TB cases increased five-fold. World Health Organization in Europe, responsible for day one of Octavio Andre Love 13 in London, said that such rapid growth is due to the disease, many patients in the normal period of 6 months of treatment to stop drug use before… Read More »

Whenever the wind…

Whenever the wind, when I knew my mother was blessing me.   My mother is giving birth died; I was born that day, but also the anniversary of the death of her. Her very best, and even sacrifice their lives, just to let me be able to open your eyes and see the world. I was very young when… Read More »

Mother, by your beauty, such as old

Happy family may never know what the haze is, when the dark clouds enveloped the time, from people who do not experience sadness, perhaps only the loss of the panic. Even today, I still remember that time can feel a deep pain, when the family were busy Nama has suddenly become weak, we discovered, the backbone… Read More »

Non-menstrual vaginal bleeding what is disease?

Non-menstrual vaginal bleeding what is disease? Non-menstrual vaginal bleeding so many women are more panic, doubt that he is not got nothing seriously ill. Yunnan Jiuzhou hospital gynecology director Liu pointed out that presence of non-menstrual vaginal bleeding situations can be caused by many reasons, specific look at it. Non-menstrual vaginal bleeding what is disease? Liu Jun, director of gynecology… Read More »

The right breast will not be embarrassing

Breast with a stress Maintain the symmetrical shape, reduce the disproportionate posture caused by neck and shoulder pain, improve self-image and self-confidence, is the need to wear after a mastectomy breast reasons. Side of the breast weight loss caused by the uneven distribution of the chest, patients often have to shoulder from the side to… Read More »

Pregnant Women

  Pregnant women should pay special attention during pregnancy, if accidentally, necessities that one would cause harm to the fetus. 1, ate the food of female mold elements Experts point out that pregnant women if the ingestion of contaminated food mold elements (mold food), mycotoxins can be hurt the fetus through the placenta, causing fetal cells in vivo… Read More »

The seven strokes to the breast, “insurance”

Good mood: Yes, fear is breast cancer a good mood! Because a good mood, and ovarian normal ovulation will not be a bad mood to block, it will not reduce the secretion of progesterone, the breast will not be on estrogen to stimulate the emergence of unilateral hyperplasia, hyperplasia of the breast would have been… Read More »

Sharon experts take you out of the female breast “cognitive errors”

Cognitive errors: Most breast cancer the disease will occur. Sharon experts to correct: breast disease and breast cancer are two different things, many breast diseases such as breast cancer, benign breast lumps and other carcinogenic potential are very small, the general mass of drug therapy or surgery can be. Some need surgery or even a… Read More »

A cup of yogurt a day keep you away from breast cancer

Netherlands Cancer Foundation and a National Toxicology and Nutrition Institute conducted an epidemiological studies, the exclusion of a number of possible factors related to breast cancer, studies investigating the population will be divided into two groups, first group to drink 250 ml of yogurt every day for the women, the second group of women who… Read More »