60-year-old cancer chemotherapy patients

By | October 2, 2011

American Cancer Society published in 2001, more than 60 years old Cancer Patients, chemotherapy and radiotherapy do not promote the regulations. Because the older people, the more risk of malignancy is low. The elderly had very low self-immunity, unbearable radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the immune cells of mass destruction. Chemotherapy usually only shorten their lifetime. However,China is now back over 60 years to do chemotherapy patients.

For the elderly Cancer Treatment of patients with problems, through a large number of foreign data statistics, liver transplant patients treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, by treatment group compared with no treatment group, no treatment group than the treatment group of patients, their survival to extend one-third. First, the quality of life is high; the use of medical treatment and chemotherapy group, Chinese medicine is stronger than western medicine. However, the meaning is not stronger than the Western medicine treatment of cancer, but the syndrome differentiation, not cancers are chemotherapy, but also to eradicate a patient’s own circumstances. From our large quantities of liver cancer and liver transplantation in patients with chemotherapy, radiation therapy practice, but also illustrates the problem. Famous film actor Fu Biao had advanced liver cancer, the last died of liver transplantation if it seems logical reason that is not from the past, in fact, his second liver transplant patients died within a short time, it is entirely possible that Fu Biao death is liver transplantation “shift death”. Of course, as a late stage liver cancer patient has been completely transferred, according to the traditional concept to understand life and will not continue long, but if you do not do liver transplants Fu Biao, some may be alive much longer time. Of course life is not in denial, in line with indications of some liver cancer patients the value of liver transplantation surgery, we are talking about for some patients with advanced cancer are in have to be radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or liver cancer, liver transplantation of some value in the end there much problem.

We find that the incidence of cancer, which is a normal biological process of evolution, each person’s body are likely to produce tumors. Tumor cell growth is very slow, and not in days, months or even beating them to death within a few years. This is a chronic consumption of the process. Sudden coronary death, but not to coronary heart disease and people from fear, had not suddenly died of tumor, but people talk about cancer, discoloration, fear of cancer to the extreme. We say that the majority of cancer patients die, are scared to death, because it causes fear, sadness, depression, collapse of the immune system, endocrine disorders. The reason why this scary situation, because people are not an objective understanding of the tumor. Our cancer experts do not tell people this information, the results of their ignorance of the tumor due to greatly fear. Could have live several more years of the patient, resulting in a reduction of survival.

Currently in the world of cancer treatment, there is always a misunderstanding: focus on the tumor itself to find a way to kill it. The use of chemotherapy to kill tumor virus technology, the result that many of the human body also kills healthy cells. At the same time, Why did not consider the longer tumor. Impossible to make a biological nature, immortal, endless. This is the nature of the regulation, the result of balancing mechanism at work. People’s immune dysfunction, a tumor, then death, which has positive significance in the evolution of species, which is why human nature to make a long tumor causes.

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