Daily radiotherapy patients what should be the best of care

By | October 6, 2011

1. Pain Care For a little pain, can be used to talk, entertainment and so on, to transfer its focus on power, and focus on helping patients to maintain a correct posture, reduce pain symptoms. Radiotherapy care, for mild, moderate and severe pain should be prescribed based on three steps (non-hormonal anti-inflammatory analgesics codeine and other weak classes Opioid Analgesics Class morphine and other strong opioid analgesics class), on time, sequential therapy, radiation therapy to be discontinued after pain medication. Closely observed during the treatment response after treatment, if not meet the timely reporting of a doctor. At the same time comforted encourage patients to keep a positive attitude, successful completion of radiotherapy.
2. Psychological Care Most patients with bone metastasis as advanced cancer patients suffering from pain, suffering, in general, pessimism, despair, anxious mood. Psychologists and medical researchers believe that the problem of pain is not only the body but also has a big psychological component, so we in the care process should be concerned with comfort, respect and understanding of patients, to communicate effectively with established harmony, mutual trust of the doctor-patient relationship, enabling them to improve confidence in treatment, reducing the impact of negative emotions, actively cooperate with the treatment and care.
3. Radiotherapy care before Because many patients and their families lack knowledge of radiotherapy, and radiotherapy patient care is not very understanding, so radiation will produce different degrees of doubt concerns about this, we should carefully patiently explained the reasons for radiation therapy, method, treatment, possible negative reaction and response measures to enable patients to be aware of, agree treatment. Zhu Huanzhe protect the radiation field marks, keeping the skin clean and dry, soft and comfortable cotton underwear worn to reduce skin irritation, itching appears to prohibit hand-scratching, the skin radiation field to avoid direct sunlight, radiation field and application of the cut-off adhesive plasters irritating disinfectants to help patients make a routine examination before radiotherapy.
4. Food Care Patients with bone metastases due to disease of the torture and consumption of the tumor itself, the majority of poor physical fitness, and even cachexia, so reasonably adequate diet is especially important for these patients. Nursing care of patients on radiotherapy, we should give patients eating high protein, high calorie, vitamin-rich diet, focusing on deployment of food color, flavor, improve the patient’s appetite to ensure that the intake of nutrients, and thus improve the patient’s resistance force and Tolerance of radiotherapy.
5. Radiotherapy care during tumor invasion vertebrae, due to the destruction of bone, so that patients can easily fracture in the position is not the time, so usually should focus on protecting patients, to avoid the fall sprain. Radiation process, the extraordinary is the upper and lower treatment bed, be sure to maintain the correct position, against twisting, drag, drag etc, and prevent fractures. Radiotherapy after 1 to 2 times, due to radiation tissue congestion and edema, but the pain intensified, the future will gradually ease, which should be explained to patients in a timely manner, so that patients do not worry. If significant pain during radiotherapy increased, deterioration or lesions should be alert to the occurrence of pathological fracture, a doctor should promptly report any changes, and give proper treatment.
For patients with vertebral pathological fractures should be lying hard Banchuang, when the transfer of patients by more than 2 or 2 also pulled to avoid drag, pull, push, should not increase the pain and even lead to spinal cord injury. Because of the vertebral body radiotherapy, spinal cord will be inevitably a certain amount of radiation, radiation on the hematopoietic system can inhibit the performance of white blood cells in some patients or thrombocytopenia should have regular blood testing to understand the inhibition of the spinal cord. Such as white blood cells decreased significantly drugs should be given up white, while focusing on environmental health wards, isolation protection, to be re-irradiation of blood as normal. Above is the care of patients undergoing radiotherapy

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