Three kinds of female cancer

By | October 2, 2011

According to shanghai municipal center for disease control to monitor the latest situation of cancer data indicate that currently occur each year the city cancer new cases of more than 40,000 cases, of which women account for about 45% of urban women cancer incidence increased year by year, more than 20 years ago has almost doubled, and was dropping.

Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer has become modern urban women’s health hazards of the three “killer”.

Aged between 25 and 35-year-old urban elite women, this should be the best; they range between innocence and maturity, so that men rush. But what is worrying is that they are becoming breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer these three cancer “patronage” of the object. They do it once a week, afflicted by terrible beauty, but also how not spare time to the hospital for medical examination times; they well versed in the importance of sleep for the skin, but when confronted with overtime at night or party, this crop will be forgotten ; they screamed to lose weight in one hand, betray the other hand gives fast-food restaurants; they know how to live, but not life … This is the “light mature” their non-healthy lifestyle.

Young age, how to let the cancer aiming firmly out? In the final analysis, lifestyle and work pressures, or the relationship. Experts analyzed that unhealthy eating habits of urban women, frequent exposure to environmental estrogen, the pursuit of western-oriented lifestyle and work pressures, are caused by the tumor causes.

Fast food: as the accelerated pace of life, many urban professionals are often eaten with fried eggs, fried chicken, fried fish fast food, long-term consumption of fried grilled food. The scientific evidence shows that the meat in a frying egg to produce cholesterol oxides and other decomposition products of biological activity, these compounds have a cytotoxic agent induced cancer may start suffering from cancer program.

Hormone: the modern woman as good nutrition, early development, late menopause, estrogen secretion lasted longer. Some urban women to maintain youthful resident, will often take a number of health care products containing estrogen, and some even claim to have long-term use of certain “beauty” feature of cosmetics, and some young girls to make breast more plump, heavy use at the breast contains estrogen products and so on.

Although the scientific evidence, estrogen for women to keep the skin smooth, there is a certain anti-aging benefits, but the body makes extensive use of long-term high estrogen levels, so that the incidence of breast diseases increased. At the same time, many women do not have children, do not breast-feeding, breast diseases these are potential problems.

Pressure: women in modern society will continue into the foreground, not only to take care of the family, but also on learning and work, their own pressure, but also makes the serious challenges facing their health.

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