What are the habits susceptible to cancer?

By | October 2, 2011

Smoking decompression →Lung Cancer

A person smoking, he affected not only one’s own health, because research shows the dangers of passive smoking on the human body directly comparable to smoking, passive acceptance of the children’s “passive smoking” after the more dangerous.

In addition to smoking is lung cancer incidence and mortality in recent years, the rise of the important reasons, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, said air pollution is caused by a high incidence of lung cancer is an important factor. Now known to exist in the atmosphere is the main cancer-causing ingredients such as benzopyrene, in heavily polluted cities, the residents’ daily amount of inhaled pyrene can be more than 20 cigarettes content.

Do not eat breakfast →Gallbladder

Young workers often do not eat breakfast on the go. Do not eat breakfast but often lead to gallstones and gallbladder cancer is a predisposing factor. Because up to 8 hours of sleep, a lot of retention in the gallbladder bile, if in time to eat, drink milk, eat the slices of bread, can help the bile is not easy to form stones. But if do not eat breakfast, it will accumulate in the gallbladder bile to form stones, causing the gallbladder metabolic disorders. So the best workers to get up half an hour earlier every day to give yourself a half-hour of breakfast time.

Stay up all night working →Breast cancer, prostate cancer

The latest research found that women and men work overnight, the breast and prostate cancer incidence in the daily work of the people.

Women regularly work night shifts for three consecutive years, than the normal work of women with breast cancer 40% higher than the probability; for three consecutive years on a regular basis if the night shift, the probability of illness would be higher than 60%. As the bright lights during the shift, so that the body produces melatonin, the body’s natural cycle of change, the lights at night to reduce the body’s secretion of melatonin, and melatonin’s role is to protect DNA from oxidation damage, inhibition of cancer cells.

Greedy meat →Breast Cancer

British study shows that excessive consumption of processed meat may increase breast cancer risk. So, women want to stay away from breast cancer, it can not self-willed to do, “predators”, especially should reduce the consumption of ready to eat meat. However, the women would be unwise to completely reject meat. Control recommended daily consumption of100 gramsof meat, preferably steam, stew, stew and other low-temperature processing methods.

Sedentary →Cancer

World Health Organization released a report that: every year more than 200 million people for a long time sitting down and died. The report also estimated that by 2020 there will be 70% of global disease is due to sit for too long, lack of exercise-induced.

Some people sit at the computer for hours, not knowing that this habit will inhibit the activity of immune and genetic factors increase the likelihood of cancer. Japanese medical scientists in the gastric surgery patients receiving the survey found that: a heavy meal and sedentary sport is their common characteristics, the passage of time makes the body’s immune factors become slow and incompetent.

More sexual partners →Cervical cancer

In recent years, increasingly younger age of onset of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer among young women and sexual confusion for a reason. Most cervical cancer caused by a sexually transmitted disease infection, the woman herself or her husband’s number of sexual partners more sexually transmitted diseases, the greater the risk of infection, the higher the incidence of cervical cancer. Data indicate that multiple sexual partners of women with cervical cancer risk than those who had only one sexual partner for more than 2-3 times higher.

Poor quality toilet paper →Gynecological cancer

Some girls usually pay close attention to the dress, are willing to spend hundreds of thousands to buy new clothes and cosmetics, but in the choice of toilet paper the details of such goods, they do not care, often choose to buy cheap. As everyone knows, some low-quality toilet paper although the color is white, because one or talcum powder to add a fluorescent whitening agent, prolonged contact with skin prone to lead to leukemia. Some use waste paper processed through bleaching, it may contain E. coli, hepatitis viruses. Therefore, for small health supplies must not be taken lightly, we must choose the regular brand of products, and not to harm the pursuit of cheap and short life of their own health.

Grow fat →Colon cancer, prostate cancer Etc.

Laugh is good, body fat, but the need for vigilance. Some cancers and obesity, such as colon cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer. So, pay attention to diet, increase physical activity, weight control, and reduce body fat accumulation.

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