Cancer rehabilitation expert recipe

By | October 2, 2011

Eat master two principles – one can eat two can be absorbed

Rehabilitation of cancer patients are most concerned about is the food; the right approach should be based on the nutritional daily intake and absorption of their own situation to determine. For example, there will be just chemotherapy nausea and discomfort, if you let him eat Ginseng and the like, but will be more patients with nausea.

  Therefore, cancer patients should have to eat two principles; one can eat, and second, can be absorbed by the body. Had an esophageal cancer patient, in the course of radiotherapy did not let him avoid cold, but also advised him to eat ice cream because ice cream with milk, eggs and other nutrients, eating will be easily absorbed, than eat something stronger.

In addition, follow the trend of cancer patients to eat is also very serious. I heard that the treatment would help to drink turtle soup; we are going to drink turtle soup. After chemotherapy is eat some nutritious food, but the main light, but also to ensure that patients eat, and some family members of patients to eat more often cry, and then eat, resulting in more severe vomiting.

Follow the trend of eating is the main reason leading to a partial eclipse of cancer patients. Nutrient-rich sea cucumber, and the family let the patient eat sea cucumber all day long, in fact, a variety of nutrients from the food lessons, eat a healthy diet every day not less than five kinds of vegetables, more vegetables, more nutrient rich.

Numb hands and feet may choose to use different herbs bubble foot soak

Feet on the rehabilitation of cancer, patients have any effect?

Through clinical validation, numbness, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep used in patients with collaterals, promoting blood circulation of feet herbs, such as safflower, Achyranthes, red peony, Osmanthus, Dan, etc.; abdominal distension, edema of the symptoms available Polyporus, Poria, etc. Chinese medicine footbath, foot bath, but can only play a catalytic role in rehabilitation.

Patients can choose automatic heating feet barrel, feet or time not too long, usually within 30 minutes. Water temperature is generally controlled at 38 ℃, the water temperature is too hot can cause the blood vessels, is not conducive to drug penetration. If patients with heart disease, phlebitis, it is best not to use their feet to ease the discomfort.

Paint color to eliminate the hearts of depressed mental state, the better the more shows

Many cancer patients do not know their state of mind, even when depression and other negative emotions are also reluctant to tell family and friends, the results of increasing the psychological pressure, sad mood has not released.

There is a special release of the patient — a bad emotion to write a daily diary rehabilitation, including what treatment? Exercise for how long? One of the most distinctive is the painting.

Through painting, the doctor can understand the patient’s mental state, patients can be arbitrary to draw on white paper the things they want, such as flowers, landscapes, sea, etc., if the color the more the better description of patients with psychological conditions.

Not have time for exercise in the morning

In the rehabilitation of cancer patients, exercise is essential, can be arranged according to their physical condition, but not necessarily concentrated in the morning or the morning, afternoon, 3 to 4 is also a good exercise time.

In cancer rehabilitation, patients at this time before playing tai chi, and then to bubble feet. For cancer patients, the exercise is designed to allow them to throw away the ideological baggage, out of the room, take part in outdoor activities, thereby enhancing physical fitness, improve the patient’s immune system, and establish the confidence to overcome the disease.

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