Which vegetables have anti-cancer effects?

By | October 2, 2011

Japan National Cancer Prevention Not long ago, 26 million people in the Institute for the relationship between diet and cancer of life survey proved that the role of anti-cancer vegetables. Through the 40 kinds of Vegetables and cancer Composition of the tumor suppressor analysis and experimental results, high to low discharge of 20 kinds of cancer have a significant inhibitory effect of vegetable list:
Cooked sweet potato (98.7%),

Raw sweet potato (94.4%),

Asparagus (93.9%),

Broccoli (82.8%),

Cabbage (91.4%),

Cauliflower (90.8%),

Parsley (83.7%),

Eggplant skin (74%),

Sweet pepper (55.5%),

Carrots (46.5%),

Gold cauliflower (37.6%),

Shepherd’s purse (35.4%),

Kohlrabi (34.7%),

Mustard (32.9%),

Xue Lihong (29.8%), (click to learn)

Tomato (23.9%),

Onions (16.3%),

Garlic (15.9%),

Cucumber (14.3%),

Cabbage (7.4%).

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