What aspects of cancer prevention should start?

By | October 2, 2011

Currently, the world recognized by the medical profession cancer prevention is to establish a good lifestyle, little or no choice carcinogen carcinogenic factors, food, scientific and rational way to adjust the diet and so on. If doing so the world can reduce the risk of cancer by half. The experts recommended the following aspects:
(1) Aggressive treatments of precancerous lesions, which prevent cancer from occurring, are effective.
(2) Maintain a good mood, life should be actively to overcome the grief, anxiety, pain, irritable mood, make the greatest efforts to increase the joy of life and work, a bit less sad, a bit more chic. Learn to openly express their emotions, to develop a broad-minded and do not care about trivial character.
(3) Get rid of smoking habits, alcohol consumption can be reduced less cancer, especially lung cancer incidence.
(4) Change bad habits such as eating sauerkraut, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, smoked do not eat moldy food, eating and drinking, do not hot hard, not too fast, eat a bland food.
(5) To encourage late marriage, to birth control, attention to women’s health, aggressive treatment of women’s diseases. Promote their own breast-feeding, breast-feeding in a year or so.
(6) To carry out mass survey and treatment, and vigorously conduct research, to understand the cause, exploring the occurrence of cancer, to further develop simple and effective anti-prevention measures.
(7) Make waste treatment, environmental protection public health, prevent environmental pollution, investigate and properly handle carcinogenic substances.
(8) Engaged in a relationship with cancer, occupational groups, to strictly abide by the rules, to strengthen personal protection, to minimize contact with carcinogens and the number of times, and make regular physical work.
(9) Strongly advocated the development of sports activities, health, enhancing the ability to resist cancer.
(10) Should choose low-fat foods. High-fat diets can be large intestine normal anaerobic bacteria of the composition of bile into carcinogenic substances. Therefore, we must limit fat intake. High-fat foods in addition to meat, it should also pay attention to fish, eggs, milk fat content in the grounds.
(11) Mold. Moldy food and the food often can be found carcinogen aflatoxin. Therefore, we should vigorously promote the grain dried or dried as soon as possible after harvest; grain storage sites should be well ventilated and dry. Daily life, if bread, bread, rice and other food have mildew or grow yellow, blue hair is absolutely cannot eat. Modern family refrigerator storage of food, usually not more than seven days, even if frozen, should not exceed three months.

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