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How summer can not damage the health sex life?

Summer heat, gas consumption disability allowance, should be properly restrained in sexual matters, to refrain from playing the “war fatigue.” And sex is a violent activities, in the busy, sleep loss situation, blindly indulge their own desires, will further advance the body of energy, so that resistance to drop, increasing the possibility of infection of […]

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What causes blood clots during periods

What is the menstrual blood clots? We find the time, the reasons for blood clots, it is important to understand what these blood clots. In normal times, the same blood flow. The other hand, semi-solid nature of blood clots, look like a gelatinous mass. These blood clots in the period with red blood cells, white blood cells, and […]

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Uterine pregnancy

Click here to watch what happens to uterus during pregnancy>> The uterus is located in the central pelvis, was inverted pear-shaped, is the female reproductive organs of the most important one.Pregnancy before the uterus is only as big as eggs. After pregnancy, the uterus has been relatively resilient muscles due to hormonal effects will become […]

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