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By | June 15, 2011

The true story of regret:

Daughter was born, I do not know why the matter with Down syndrome, there is no doubt that I would give birth to unhealthy children.

During pregnancy, the doctor advised me to do Down’s screening times, the family did not think my husband and the children appeared healthy, I feel that screening for Down’s not absolutely necessary, a hospital like an excuse to make more money.

When the daughter was born, it has been not cry, the eyes slightly toward the sky, with weird facial features, can be said that looks ugly. Neck than the average child to be thick, often stretched out his tongue outside the mouth, saliva dripping out all day. Doctors confirmed that I gave birth to Down’s baby. The future will show short stature, bone fragility, growth retardation, mental retardation and other symptoms, and often occurs after the age of 30 Alzheimer’s symptoms.

I feel like the days must fall down. The whole family into grief, say how can that be? What will happen how could this happen?

Now people are blaming my family, my husband does not understand me, do not say I was wayward Down screening. I am also into deep remorse, the regret. I advise you pregnant mother, Down’s screening is very important, not too troublesome and not to do, as if I regret it for life!

Down’s screening, identifying your true colors

What is Down syndrome? Causes of Down Syndrome: Down Syndrome, also known as “Down’s syndrome” or “trisomy 21 syndrome”, especially from the normal chromosome 21 into 3 2, is a congenital chromosomal abnormalities in multiple distortion caused by genetic disease, Down syndrome is the occurrence of one of the highest rates of birth defects.

Most children with Down syndrome have severe mental retardation, accompanied by other complications, such as congenital heart disease, leukemia, gastrointestinal malformations. Life cannot take care of itself Down baby, Down’s baby short life, the average survival age of only 20-30 years old, IQ generally between 20-50.

The incidence of Down syndrome is approximately 1 / 600 ~ 1 / 800 to China, for example, about every 20 minutes there is a Down baby is born.

Down’s baby as a serious mental retardation, life can not take care of themselves, life can not be cured, to the family spirit and a heavy economic burden.

According to statistics, the average per Down’s baby in the country to bring the family and social economic burden of 200,000 Yuan; in foreign countries, the figure is 50 million U.S. dollars!

Born screening for Down baby is able to calculate the risk factor is an effective way to prevent the tragedy occurred. So, to the baby’s health, for family happiness, Bulletin boards should actively do every Down’s screening.

What is Down’s screening? Down screening: Detection of maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein and chorionic gonadotropin concentrations, pregnant mother with pre-production stage, age, weight and gestational age when blood and so give birth to Down’s baby calculating the risk factor. Down’s screening can also detect the mature fetus have birth defects, such as: Down syndrome, neural tube defects or other chromosomal abnormalities. Method is simple, little damage to the pregnant mother.

Down syndrome is a sporadic disease, every pregnant mother are likely to give birth to a Down’s baby. Down’s screening is not necessary for check-ups during pregnancy; one pregnant mother may voluntarily decide to do and not do. But she suggested the following 7 pregnant have to do:


  1. Older than 35 years.
  2. Has given birth to abnormal children.
  3. Have unexplained infertility tire stop.
  4. Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.
  5. The history of early pregnancy with medication and do not know the drugs in the end have no effect.
  6. During early pregnancy, contact with harmful substances.
  7. Family history of birth defects, Down’s first pregnancy in relation to screening done.


When screening for Down’s doing? Best checked:

15 weeks -20 weeks pregnant

Screening for Down’s Note:

Down’s screening without having to do fasting, pregnant mother just a simple blood sample.

Down the accuracy of screening results:

Fetal Down’s screening is a screening examination of the possibility of Down syndrome, and the results are not final diagnosis, but the risk factor, namely, the possibility of Down syndrome, the need for further examination (eg, amniocentesis, etc.) be confirmed.

Screening for Down Time:

Blood after 2-3 Dr. Zhou You told Down screening results, if positive serum screening checks are required to do the amniotic fluid, a clear diagnosis.

Screening for Down’s how much the high cost of it?

Down’s screening costs about 120 Yuan, but according to different standards for each hospital will be slightly different.


“High risk” or “low risk” to deal with the different methods!

Screening for Down’s doctors are leaving room for interpretation of the results: high-risk pregnant women the fetus may not be the Down baby; low-risk pregnant women is not necessarily the fetus with Down baby. Down the hospital screening results only show that the probability of whether a Down’s baby, not the baby, there must be high-risk issues, such as trisomy 21 risk factor of 1 / 100, meaning that mutation on chromosome 21 have Down’s syndrome the probability of the fetus is 1 / 100, may have problems that you are 1 / 100, no problem may be that 99/100; low risk does not mean the baby is definitely no problem, even if the risk factor of 1 / 10000, then There are ten thousandth of the energy it.>>> Experts detailed answer: teach you to read the results of Down’s screening

The results for the low-risk approach

(1) can not be taken lightly

Results show that the fetus is low risk low risk of Down’s baby. However, the Down’s screening results and the menstrual cycle, weight, height, gestational age, gestational age, the size, any factors of error (such as the menstrual cycle calculation is not accurate, gestational age, size calculation errors, etc.) can cause inaccurate results, Therefore, this situation is a clear need to check, you can exclude hereditary Daisha blood disease (venous or heel blood), if necessary, to do the amniotic fluid puncture, to further confirm the health of the fetus. However, amniocentesis there is a certain risk, may cause miscarriage, the result is low-risk prospective parents can choose not to.

(2) adhere to prenatal

Even if the result is low risk, it must adhere to other prenatal and accurate understanding of fetal development situation.

The results for the high-risk approach

(1) further confirmed

Down screening result is “high risk” pregnant mothers need to diagnose whether a fetus with Down syndrome children. Prenatal diagnosis is currently the most commonly used technique is amniocentesis technology, that is, in B-under the guidance of the needle piercing through the amniotic fluid in the abdomen of pregnant women to extract amniotic fluid, fetal cells for chromosome analysis. Amniocentesis suitable for pregnant women 16 to 20 weeks. Some pregnant women or their families may have the safety of amniocentesis in doubt, but according to statistics, the result of this technology was only 0.5% of abortions. In addition to amniocentesis, the prenatal diagnostic technique also villi biopsy, umbilical vein, fetal endoscopies and so on.

(2) after the diagnosis of Down’s baby how to do?

Down syndrome is currently no effective treatment, the best means of pre-production in the pregnant mother to terminate pregnancy.

Pregnant mother would ask:

Said a long time, certainly heard the more confused pregnant mother, in the end either the Down’s screening do it? Do not force doctors to do the exact rate is not necessarily high, and high-risk, low risk is still possible to give birth to Down’s children, should be recommended to do amniocentesis, it is better done directly amniocentesis good!

Peas Mom Resolution:

Although there are so many mothers who raised so many Down’s screening questioned, although the Down screening results can not accurately determine whether the baby is very stupid type, but after all it is foolish to judge whether the baby type of the most economical, convenient, on the No damage detection of the fetus, and if found suspicious results, amniocentesis can be further made. Must have a mother to ask, since Down’s screening accuracy is not high, then as a direct check for amniocentesis? In fact, check amniocentesis there is a certain risk, it may cause rupture of membranes, leading to miscarriage, and high cost. The Down’s screening more economical, convenient, no fetal damage detection.

Down Syndrome Pregnancy

Down Syndrome Pregnancy

Down's screening, Down Syndrome Baby, Down Syndrome Child

Down Syndrome Child

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