Top ten signs that you may be pregnant!

By | June 14, 2011

If you miss your menstrual cycle or are not concerned about the changes it every month, you may unknowingly pregnant. However,  if you start to experience some of the following symptoms (not all women are), but have your menstrual period did not come, you might be pregnant. The measures taken pregnancy test and find out now!

 if you start to experience some of the following symptoms (not all women are), but have your menstrual period did not come, you might be pregnant. The measures taken pregnancy test and find out now!

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10. Sensitive, swollen breasts

One of the early signs of pregnancy is the result of the increasing hormone sensitive breast swelling and pain. This pain is similar to that period of time before menstruation pain in your chest exaggerated version. With the hormonal changes your body to adapt to, the discomfort will be reduced significantly after the first trimester.

9. Fatigue

Suddenly feeling very tired? No, it is not exhausted fatigue. As the body of pregnant women to increase progesterone hormone and the pressure of your body to adapt, in a day’s work done after you feel like running a marathon. In the second trimester, you will begin to feel energetic, although very tired, and usually that fatigue will be more apparent in the third trimester.

8. Vaginal bleeding

Some pregnant women during pregnancy about 11 or 12 days after a small amount of vaginal bleeding (when close to the time period you may find the omission.) Fertilized eggs may be due to bleeding into your uterus where the rich blood circulation – a process that began six days after fertilization – but no one knows for sure. This is a minor bleeding (presented as red, pink, or reddish-brown staining) and lasts only a day or two. (If you notice any bleeding, you should immediately consult a doctor, especially if they are accompanied by pain, as this may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.)

7. Nausea or vomiting

If you are like most women morning sickness, have no trouble, until about a post-pregnancy (with a few pregnant women may be spared from morning sickness.) However, some women may feel stomach discomfort relatively early. Moreover, not just in the morning – and pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting may occur in the morning, noon, or night. About half of morning sickness in pregnant women will be relieved in the second trimester. Some pregnant women may need additional time to further reduce the symptoms a month.

6. More sensitive to odors

This is a new pregnancy, pregnant women, a very common phenomenon, they would Bologna sandwiches or coffee or some special cause vomiting even more sensitive to smells. While no one exactly knows why, but this may be the estrogen in your body in a rapid increase in side effects.

5. Of food aversion

Although some women insist they are eager to get in certain foods during pregnancy, but the food’s antipathy is even more common. You may suddenly find that some of you have enjoyed the food, but now completely tired. This feeling may come and go throughout pregnancy several times.

4. Frequent urination

Shortly after pregnancy, you may find yourself frequently going to the toilet. Why? This is mainly because during pregnancy the body’s blood and other fluids increase, leading to additional flow of fluid through the bladder to your kidneys. The symptoms can begin at six weeks of ending three months of pregnancy, and pregnant with the baby on your bladder process and the additional pressure imposed by the increase continued to deteriorate.

3. Menstruation did not come

If your period is not always very regular and timely arrival of a sudden, you had better sign in the above have also been found to do something when the pregnancy test. However, if you set your menstrual regularity is not enough to keep track of your cycle, if you find before menstruation nausea, breast tenderness and frequent urination and other possible symptoms, then it may indicate you are pregnant.

2. Your body temperature remained high

If you have been measuring temperature and noting the continued high temperatures have been 18 days, you may be pregnant.


1. Confirmed: a positive pregnancy test at home

Although you may have seen more than specified, but many families do not have enough pregnancy test sensitivity can be found to be pregnant, until about a week later. So, if you decide to take a pregnancy test measures and want to get negative results, then try again within the next few days a pregnancy test it. Once you have determined the results, immediately consult a physician. I wish you success!

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