Early Symptoms of Uterine Cancer

By | June 11, 2011
early symptoms of uterine cancer

early symptoms of uterine cancer

High proportion of women cancer is cervical cancer. It is second only to the incidence of breast cancer is common in women over 35 years of age. Early cervical cancer, about 40% of patients without any symptoms, to a considerable extent the development of cancer is often after the onset of symptoms, these symptoms are mainly bleeding and vaginal discharge, while the rest of the clinical manifestations of cancer according to the location and extent of violations of different.

Therefore, women over 35 years of age, as in non-menstrual vaginal bleeding, or the women and postmenopausal vaginal bleeding, should be wary of whether it is cancer of the uterus or endometrial tumors at play. According to statistics, in menopausal vaginal bleeding was diagnosed with cancer last up to 10% to 25%, most cases of endometrial cancer or cervical cancer, is almost equally divided between the two. Disease at the age of 50 to 54 peaks.

True beauty experts in four early symptoms of uterine cancer

First, increased vaginal discharge

Mainly refers to an increase in vaginal discharge increased vaginal discharge, cervical cancer is the most common early symptoms accounting for 82.3% of patients. Of course, increased vaginal discharge symptoms are not specific to cervical cancer in married women, who had 99.35% increase in vaginal discharge is not cervical cancer. Increased vaginal discharge of cervical cancer is due to stimulation of cervical cancer, the presence of hyperthyroidism and glandular secretion occurred with the development of carcinoma of the body, can be seen cloudy, bloody or purulent Taomi Shui-like slurry secreted from the vagina, with special smell, and even smell. This is the cancer tissue necrosis and secondary infection caused by the symptoms. Some patients may also result secondary vulvitis.

Second, pain

This is a common symptom of advanced cervical cancer is one. Cancer nerve compression of the pelvic cavity, there lower abdomen, lower back or thigh pain; if violated rectum cancer, but also appears poor stool, anal bulge; if it is oppressive to the bladder, is a frequency, urinary urgency , dysuria and hematuria.

Third, irregular vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding, cervical cancer accounted for 81.4% of patients, the bleeding began to often after sexual intercourse or bowel movements, and some gynecological examination in physical activity or bleeding, menstruation is irregular. Early, less bleeding, and often stop on their own. Violation of the great vessels with advanced carcinoma of the body, or body of the cancer itself, rich in blood vessels, massive bleeding can occur. Chronic or acute bleeding, symptoms of anemia can make patients appear. Thus, after many years of menopause such as vaginal bleeding for women is to be vigilant.

Fourth, transfer symptoms

Cervical cancer metastasis, disease is generally more to the late shift so the more the faster, but early metastatic disease that is not uncommon. Cervical cancer metastasis, in addition to the lymphatic system, the more to see a lung metastasis, bone metastasis and liver metastasis. At this time, there may be anemia, weight loss, fever or the occurrence of uremia.


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