The causes of pancreatic cancer

By | June 12, 2011

Pancreatic cancer is one of the highest fatality rate, to the many families brought great pain. The article is about the cause of pancreatic cancer because of the introduction, hoping to serve as a warning for everyone.

Pancreatic cancer is very secretive, it is deeper because the location of pancreatic cancer, the symptoms are nonspecific, so most of the patients discovered later. The disease mostly occurs in the head of the pancreas, induced pancreatic cancer because the body’s own normal cells in the pancreas, drinking, smoking, drinking coffee, stimulation of external factors, or diabetes mellitus, chronic pancreatitis damage to internal factors, the occurrence of the irregular variation. Therefore, the original maturity of cells from normal pancreatic morphology to functional aspects, there is a huge difference. Undermine the normal functioning of the pancreas, which eventually lead to disease. Understanding of the causes of pancreatic cancer caused by, you certainly want to know what treatment for the disease.

Body gamma knife is a good choice for treatment of pancreatic cancer. Body gamma knife is modern radiation therapy equipment, the unique characteristics of the dose distribution of treatment for cancer has obvious advantages. Through the use of hyperfractionated dose and short treatment time dose fractionation patterns. May be given high doses of local tumor surrounding tissue by the relatively small, in the destruction of small lesions can be well protected while adjacent tissues and organs, and thus to treat pancreatic cancer. For pancreatic cancer, metastatic carcinoma of the pancreas body gamma knife applications, free from blood vessels limit side effects, so that elderly patients can tolerate physically weak. Of the primary tumor, the total effective rate was 72.1%, I / II of the 1,2,3 year survival rates were 67.7%, 34.4% and 29.6%.

Presentation on the causes of pancreatic cancer, this paper finished. The body gamma knife treatment of pancreatic cancer, the Air Force General Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology Experts from many years of practical experience has been confirmed. If patients are still in doubt, to the Air Force General Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology detailed consultation.

Causes of pancreatic cancer

Causes of pancreatic cancer







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