To read Down Syndrome Screening Report

By | June 17, 2011

Down syndrome is the first mixed-mental retardation syndrome is one of the most common diseases of severe birth defects. Some people cannot read a single report of Down syndrome, here we asked the experts to help you analyze.

Down syndrome screening test results only for the purpose, low-risk report only indicates that your kind of congenital abnormalities of the fetus is very low, can not completely rule out the possibility of anomalies or other abnormalities, high-risk report only shows that your fetus congenital abnormalities of the kind more likely, not confirmed. Here is just reading about Down syndrome report a single method.


Down’s syndrome report card reading methods:


Report card is divided into several parts:


1) Age: refers to the actual age of pregnant women, usually in October before the count by years, if born after the October, according to a small one-year-old computer. For example, a pregnant woman September 14, 1982 birth, age is 26 years old, but if the October 14, 1982 born, the report card on the age of 25 years;


2) Weight: The weight of blood that day that was the best;


3) Gestational age: is the number of weeks of pregnancy pregnant women;


4) Alpha-fetoprotein multiples of the median: refers to the alpha-fetoprotein testing of pregnant women measured by dividing the value of the same gestational age in normal pregnant women the median value of alpha-fetoprotein. Reference range 0.65-2.5; less than 0.65 or higher 2.5 is abnormal. Down syndrome maternal serum AFP performance to reduce abnormal, and AFP ≥ 2.5 multiples of the median for the high risk of neural tube defects.


5), alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and free β-HCG: refers to the experiment measured the alpha-fetoprotein and free β-HCG concentration;


6) 21 – the age and trisomy 18 – the degree of risk of trisomy Age: age of pregnant women is 21 – and trisomy 18 – the possibility of fetal trisomy;

7) free β-HCG multiples of the median: the same calculation method and alpha-fetoprotein, reference range 0-2.5, median multiples higher than 2.5 is to assess the 21 – trisomy an important indicator of high risk; multiples of the median below 0.25 is assessed 18 – trisomy an indicator of high risk.


8 ) 18 – Three-body degree of risk: pregnant women gave birth to Edward’s syndrome refers to the possibility of the fetus, 18 – trisomy high-risk cutoff value 1:350, 1:350 ~ 1:500 critical risk is greater than 1: 500 low-risk;


9) 21 – Three-body degree of risk: refers to the pregnant women gave birth to the possibility of Down syndrome fetuses, 21 – high risk of trisomy cutoff value 1:250, 1:251 ~ 1:500 critical risk is greater than 1 : 500 low-risk;


10) Down’s syndrome report card reading methods include the degree of risk of neural tube defects: refers to the risk of neural tube birth defects in pregnant women, the likelihood of the fetus. Neural tube defects are caused by abnormal neural tube closure children without brain, spina bifida, cerebral spinal bifida and other general.

Down single report card

Down single report card


down syndrome screening report trisomy , Alpha fetoprotein (AFP) = 0.65,

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