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Caused by external factors of gastric cancer

Gastric cancer in China is a high incidence, prevalence and mortality more than twice the world average. South Korea currently has cancer and liver cancer is the second after the third most common cancer. The following are external factors that can cause cancer. Caused by external factors of gastric cancer 1. Food configuration of gastric… Read More »

Gastric cancer patients should pay attention to

Gastric cancer patients after surgery care is very important to note, the following is a stomach cancer patients should note: Gastric cancer patients should pay attention to (1) radical subtotal gastrectomy, the general should continue to decompression 2-3d, fast 3-4d. After total gastrectomy, fasting 5-7d. Stomach of patients may be due to removal of the… Read More »

What type of colorectal cancer

Large intestine to the rectum for the most part occurred, there are many types of colorectal cancer, such as the sigmoid colon, descending colon, spleen, transverse knot, hepatic flexure, ascending colon, cecum. The vast majority of colorectal cancer as a single hair, a small number of simultaneously or successively more than cancer occurred. 1982 national… Read More »

Cancer chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells do

Clinically, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and their families often ask doctors, "Cancer chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells it?." Unfortunately, doctors can only tell you "can not." Cancer chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells it? Because chemotherapy drugs are only in the proliferation of tumor cells play a role, while the dormant tumor cells does… Read More »

What is the manifestations of lung cancer

Some lung cancer patients in clinical beginning of the lungs did not show respiratory symptoms. But in addition some of the symptoms and treatment of lung, this can easily be misdiagnosed as other diseases, delay in diagnosis and treatment. Common extrapulmonary manifestations of lung cancer include: Lung extrapulmonary manifestations (1) hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy, multiple violations… Read More »

You sell so many kinds of anti-tumor drugs which the best medicine?

Many pharmacies now on the market with unscrupulous dealers in order to reap high profits, the unrealistic hype, and even certain medications can treat a variety of health products blown cancer wonder drug. Virtually every drug has its own characteristics and functions and attending therapy alone can not cure a drug, such as oral liquid… Read More »

Anti-cancer drugs sold online is not the cheaper the better?

The answer is no, now there are many online small pharmacy cheap drugs launched a small out-patient special medicine (national law provides that: medicines are special commodities, can not be discounted sales), its real purpose is to promote, let friends pay for the majority of patients, so some and even to some of the edges… Read More »

You sell drugs of guaranteed quality you

I have hospital sales of each drug are regular drug manufacturers in strict accordance with the national pharmaceutical production quality standards for production, and each batch of drugs to go through strict inspection departments at all levels of doping. And we sell drugs, have a regular computer printouts of the Shandong Province and the prescription… Read More »