I would like to buy a little less you try the effect of tumor drugs can it?

By | October 9, 2011

Because cancer treatment is different from other diseases, cancer incidence during the first very long, from each of the cancer cells to be diagnosed with cancer, it normally takes 3-5 years, so do not treat them like, not like a headache a cold, two or three days will bear fruit. This is the world's most intractable diseases, if not taking the therapeutic dose, the one will affect the confidence of patients, and secondly, will generate an error on the evaluation of pharmaceutical services. This affects not only the effects of drugs, but also delay the timing of the patient's medical treatments. Therefore, the clinical treatment process for the introduction of the concept of the course of treatment, treatment usually is: refers to patients taking the drugs to the role of drugs in the body the time required, usually for 30 days, there are 15, 45 or 60 days, said.
Of course, as a medical staff, we do not want to be normal in patients without treatment because of the product or level of medicine in our hospital, doubt and misunderstanding. Cancer experts have warned that the majority of friends: Early treatment of certain tumors according to therapy medication, remember that drastic fits and starts with the net-medication treatment.

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