You sell so many kinds of anti-tumor drugs which the best medicine?

By | October 9, 2011

Many pharmacies now on the market with unscrupulous dealers in order to reap high profits, the unrealistic hype, and even certain medications can treat a variety of health products blown cancer wonder drug. Virtually every drug has its own characteristics and functions and attending therapy alone can not cure a drug, such as oral liquid on Xiaoaiping liver, stomach, esophagus, lung cancer, leukemia, colon cancer so there are special effects, Chi Capsule blood stasis, swelling and pain. For lung, liver, stomach and other tumors, and clearing the lungs Sanjie oral pills and gold rehabilitation treatment of lung cancer compared to combination treatment of gold.
Therefore, for different diseases have to choose a regular hospital or medical institutions to determine treatment options, and then to buy drugs, symptomatic treatment, do not believe some of the rhetoric, and deceived, both , and delayed the patient valuable time for treatment! last a lifetime regret, in this special reminder to buy drugs prescription physician must ask the hospital issued a formal and regular invoices.

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