Anti-cancer drugs sold online is not the cheaper the better?

By | October 9, 2011

The answer is no, now there are many online small pharmacy cheap drugs launched a small out-patient special medicine (national law provides that: medicines are special commodities, can not be discounted sales), its real purpose is to promote, let friends pay for the majority of patients, so some and even to some of the edges are not stained with anti-cancer drug point, finally did not spend less money, the disease does not improve, the most important is the bear missed the valuable time of their treatment, and regret for life.
To protect your safety and efficacy of medication, experts advise friends online consumers in the majority of patients, be sure to ask for a doctor's prescription and invoice, all invoice without a prescription and medical networks, practice should be illegal without qualification. How can they give you the protection effect? Do not regret that life is cheap, after all, spend all the money you can earn a life without the chance to make up for ah no! Just imagine what the value of 100 30 or who will not 50 to sell, and only a fool would do so.
Some local small manufacturers and small pharmaceutical company stock, progressive cheap cheap drugs to sell poor-quality drugs to patients is to buy the cheaper the result of your use of the. Finally, experts advise you: Do not buy expensive online purchase of medicines the drug, so you will therefore spend more money, but do not buy the most expensive anti-cancer drugs, that would buy the cheap with the expensive. And be sure to ask for special attention to the regular doctor's prescription and computer print the invoice, are indispensable. Patients in our hospital can open a formal demand for the prescription information and medical insurance, Shandong Province unified computer print invoices (produced by the State Bureau of Finance.)

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