Gastric cancer patients should pay attention to

By | October 29, 2011

Gastric cancer patients after surgery care is very important to note, the following is a stomach cancer patients should note:
Gastric cancer patients should pay attention to (1) radical subtotal gastrectomy, the general should continue to decompression 2-3d, fast 3-4d. After total gastrectomy, fasting 5-7d. Stomach of patients may be due to removal of the time, but early removal is conducive to recovery of gastrointestinal function tube, is conducive to breathing and expectoration.
Gastric cancer patients should pay attention to (2) removal of tube and recovery of gastrointestinal function recovery after diet, still should be liquid food, semi-liquid food order increases.
(3) general condition was stable and no complications were out of bed early activities should be encouraged.
(4) The number of patients with sputum secretion, should be set to semi-supine, often beat the chest and back, daily to the ultrasonic aerosol inhalation.
(5) maintain hourly urine volume 40-50ml. Hypertension, elderly with impaired renal function, should be taken to avoid rapid infusion.
(6) line of proximal gastric cardia stomach subtotal or total gastrectomy, often deep breathing and expectoration of patients in the thoracoabdominal incision in patients with respiratory dysfunction becomes more apparent. Intensive care after the operation, prevention of pulmonary complications.
Gastric cancer patients should pay attention to (7) All patients after a higher incidence of anastomotic leakage after surgery a few days. If there is abdominal pain, fever or symptoms of peritoneal irritation, or infection should be considered in the anastomotic leakage possible, the line B-or CT examination, if found there is fluid accumulation below the diaphragm. Often prompted concurrent ipsilateral pleural effusion. In the B-or CT-guided, line subphrenic space needle aspiration of pus may be, the amount of the patient with oral administration of diluted methylene blue solution, the needle aspiration with blue liquid, you can clear the anastomotic leakage. Sometimes caused by anastomotic leakage into the pleural empyema. Once anastomotic leakage, should be fast, parallel surgical exploration and drainage, anastomotic leakage in the diaphragm near the home and irrigation tube for double sets of continuous irrigation and suction, the jejunostomy nutritional supplements, only to give broad-spectrum antibiotics to control infection. Anastomotic leakage into the thoracic cavity, should be closed thoracic drainage.
Gastric cancer patients should pay attention to (8) 7 days after suture removal, suture removal time of thoracoabdominal incision should be based on the nutritional status of patients with systemic or extended period of phrenic stitches.

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