Caused by external factors of gastric cancer

By | October 29, 2011

Gastric cancer in China is a high incidence, prevalence and mortality more than twice the world average. South Korea currently has cancer and liver cancer is the second after the third most common cancer. The following are external factors that can cause cancer.
Caused by external factors of gastric cancer 1. Food configuration of gastric cancer with food, food components on its way. Such as certain food processing, storage or cooking is not the time to produce cancer-causing substances, which is more certain is that nitrite rubber compounds. Walking in nature, these compounds would be material in the former two plastic and nitrate is widely distributed in the high acid (pH = 1 ~ 3) when a large number of nitrite-shaped plastic dn, low acid stomach when a large number of nitrate-reducing bacteria reproduction, so that the formation of nitrite in food nitrate plastic, can be induced gastric cancer. High salt and preserved foods can damage the gastric mucosal barrier and promoting carcinogens act directly on the gastric mucosa. In addition, there are anti-cancer food substances, such as vitamin C can inhibit the formation of nitrite, nitrite rubber; garlic can inhibit gastric nitrate nitrite-reducing bacteria and thus reduce the production of plastic and so on.
PAHs can contaminate food or formed during processing. Such as Iceland and Japan, countries of high incidence of gastric cancer, many people have the habit of eating smoked. Smoked fish, smoked lamb sample analysis found that these foods are more serious with 3, 4 C Wu Dong short of polycyclic aromatic compounds, o pollution
2 caused by external factors of gastric cancer. Soil, water the soil, water in the organic matter, trace element deficiency or excess and the cancer that may have a certain relationship. Such as peat soils, coal or asbestos mining the high incidence of gastric cancer in areas in sandy or clay residents. A small number of patients with gastric cancer reported decreased serum Cincinnati, copper content increased, indicating that some trace elements may be involved in gastric bloating feeling.
3 caused by external factors of gastric cancer. Smoking data show that smoking rates of gastric cancer was significantly higher than non-smokers, smokers thio cyanate ion in gastric juice N-nitroso reaction is a strong catalyst.
Caused by external factors of gastric cancer 4. Genetic factors of gastric cancer incidence correlated with the different ethnic origin. African-American high incidence of gastric cancer than whites. The incidence of gastric cancer families is four times higher than normal.

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