What type of colorectal cancer

By | October 29, 2011

Large intestine to the rectum for the most part occurred, there are many types of colorectal cancer, such as the sigmoid colon, descending colon, spleen, transverse knot, hepatic flexure, ascending colon, cecum. The vast majority of colorectal cancer as a single hair, a small number of simultaneously or successively more than cancer occurred. 1982 national uniform standards for colorectal cancer general classification criteria are as follows.
1. Colorectal cancer types, early colorectal cancer is early cancer confined to the lower intestine to teach film and film education, Yuan Lin Pat-node metastasis can be divided into four types:
(1) mostly flat to teach this type of membrane cancer.
(2) polyp protruded (I) can be divided into pedicle type (I p) Rebagliati type (I s), or broad-based type. This type of membrane is also divided into several more cancer.
(3) flat elevation type (IT a) lanes cents great shape, this type of film to teach lower and more involved.
(4) flat elevation ulcer type (IT a + IT c) In general, such as small coils, edge of the uplift, central depression, this type of film involving the lower education.
2. Colorectal cancer type, in advanced colorectal cancer in advanced colorectal cancer can be divided into four types.
(1) uplift, also known as medullary-type carcinoma, tumor of individual large, soft, nodular prominence to the intestine. Polypoid or cauliflower-like, state clearly that there can be broad-based pedicle. Occur in any part of the colon, this type of tumor usually develops slowly, and the treatment effect is good.
(2) ulcerative type tumor surface deep ulcers (usually deep muscular layer or more of), the edge of uplift. Occur in the distal colon and rectum, the prognosis is poor.
(3) invasive tumors to diffuse infiltration of the intestinal wall layers, wall thickening, forming a narrow ring, easy to cause intestinal obstruction, occurs in the rectum, sigmoid and descending colon.
(4) glue-like tumor of different shape, may have the above-mentioned three kinds of shape, appearance and cut surface showed into a translucent jelly, occur in the right side of the colon and rectum.

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