Cancer chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells do

By | October 25, 2011

Clinically, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and their families often ask doctors, "Cancer chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells it?." Unfortunately, doctors can only tell you "can not."
Cancer chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells it? Because chemotherapy drugs are only in the proliferation of tumor cells play a role, while the dormant tumor cells does not work. It's like frogs catch flies, like E, for the butterflies to fly in the fly can be sensitive to jump up to eat frogs, while the stationary flying butterflies, frogs to turn a blind eye, will not eat. Some of the growth of tumor cells in proliferation, while others in sleep, drink or do not exercise. In large tumors, more than dormant cells, so the role of chemotherapy is poor; and for small tumors, the growth of cells, that is why a good therapeutic effect.Cancer chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells it? Through multiple chemotherapy, the tumor dormancy by a certain percentage of cells into the growth of cells, so chemotherapy can always killing a certain percentage of cancer cells. The first time after chemotherapy, the cells will become increasingly less sleep, to a certain extent, that is 1 million or less, you can kill by the body's immune function, and therefore, very important point of chemotherapy is to kill cancer cells to 1 million less than complete kill cancer cells.

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