Cancer Integrative Medicine

By | October 25, 2011

Chinese medicine is the ancient Chinese herbal medicine in the summary of the role of the human body, after, and with the simple philosophy of medicine to be a systematic one. As observed on the human body is the Chinese emphasis on macroeconomic and overall, relative to the Western emphasis on the human body at the microscopic observation of the partial, so the two are very different population, however, can be combined with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and Integrative Medicine tumor is the treatment of their play to their strengths, compensate for each other's weaknesses. Indeed, in clinical treatment can achieve that, and bear the brunt of the tumor disease, and in the course of treatment of cancer, cancer of Integrative Medicine approach has obvious advantages.
Advantages of Western medicine on the treatment of malignant tumors is reflected in: the tumor with surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy drugs directly to the treatment efficacy of a clear and rapid. The performance of its shortcomings in the human body organ damage, resulting in a decline in the human body resistance to diseases, leading to recurrence of tumor cells in vivo micro.
The strengths of Chinese medicine on the human body organ function is precisely adjusted with a strong recovery, can quickly increase the body's resistance to diseases, so that the body has not been all kinds of western medicine killing of tumor cells by the body's own anti-tumor system – – cleared by the immune system, so as to achieve the purpose of curing cancer. The strengths of Chinese medicine is also reflected in the patients without surgery can enhance the physical, to enhance the tolerance of the surgery. With radiotherapy, can significantly enhance the role of radiotherapy; combined with chemotherapy, not only can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs, but also enhance the anticancer effects of chemotherapy drugs and reduce drug resistance of tumors to chemotherapy (ie failure) from occurring. The weaknesses of Chinese medicine lies in the direct treatment of cancer tumor block is not strong.
Therefore, the superiority of Western medicine with the treatment of cancer is in the affirmative. Currently, China National People's Congress are applied Integrative Medicine tumors.

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