Chemotherapy Classification

By | October 25, 2011

Clinical classification for malignant tumors mainly in the following categories:
Chemotherapy Classification (1) neoadjuvant chemotherapy
We say that this tumor in the body are everywhere, and only surgical resection of localized primary tumor, and that some other small lesions can not be removed, how do Nick? Is there a way first to the small lesions were first eliminated, again the primary tumor, thus eradicated it? Medical scientists, and according to the tumor occurrence and development of the role of chemotherapy drugs invented a new law of adjuvant chemotherapy, so that the body of a small tumor foci were killed, while the large tumor is relatively smaller, and then surgical procedures are relatively easily removed.
Chemotherapy Classification (2) adjuvant chemotherapy
Surgical methods used to implement the body of cancer after radical, the body still exists small lesions, use of adjuvant chemotherapy at this time can achieve the purpose of complete cure of tumor. Because treatment with surgery, chemotherapy only play a supporting role, it is called adjuvant chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy Classification (3) radical chemotherapy
Tumors with chemotherapy drugs called radical radical chemotherapy treatment. Now a small part of the tumor with chemotherapy drugs such as chronic leukemia can achieve radical results, for most of the tumor was impossible.
Chemotherapy Classification (4) palliative-opening
For advanced malignant tumors, surgical resection can not be used to relieve symptoms and prolong survival time and improve quality of life of patients, and for the chemotherapy as palliative chemotherapy. Can see that the new adjuvant chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy, radical chemotherapy and palliative chemotherapy, though they are treated with chemotherapy drugs, but the timing of treatment, the treatment goal is not the same.

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