Righting and Quxie Chinese principles of cancer

By | October 25, 2011

Righting and Quxie cancer medicine, the body the process of resistance is to fully mobilize the body's resistance, that is upright and disease, that is, the process of fighting evil, while the Chinese to a certain extent is in the adjustment of the body's resistance, making it strong and prosperous, to achieve the purpose of overcoming the disease. Can be said that this is the righting of the. Application is not tonic righting, Qi and other drugs, such as drugs, heat and other prescription drugs, or diarrhea is to adjust the body as long as the drug itself should be understood as the righting drugs. Because the role of these drugs aimed to make the body resistant to strong.
The face of evil that causes the drug as not evil drug. For about cancer, cancer of the righting and Quxie medicine, pathogenic factors can be divided into 3 parts. Part of the evil known as the invisible or incentives, such as the external wind, cold, heat, Zaohuo, this part of the evil disease of cancer patients has a great influence, and even become the direct cause of death of patients; the second part is the cancer itself, is a "plot block", which can be said that our primary goal of treatment; adenocarcinoma of the third part is due to the secretion of some of the pathological membrane product of this three-part treatment for the drug, said Gui evil drug. Cancer is evil from the start of righting law.
TCM treatment of cancer centralizer and method to distinguish between the scope of evil is very important, if not clear that these two confused. Doctors also believe that if the snake tongue grass from the flower is a cancer, then the doctor is intentionally or unintentionally, the patients will not work. Indeed, in vitro experiments show that diffusa on tumor cells have a certain inhibitory effect, but this inhibition is not cancer, if diffusa really cancer, it is now also have the edge in a place called Taxol white tongue grass alcohol and the like medicine.

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