How Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Cancer

By | October 25, 2011

How Chinese medicine treatment of cancer? Chinese medicine is a great treasure, which agglutination of the Chinese nation for thousands of years with valuable experience in the fight against disease is the most dynamic cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, one of the most valuable part. Over the years not only for the descendants of pain relief, but also widely known overseas for its exact effect, grace beings. The theoretical basis of TCM and Western medicine used drugs and has a very different, as it is thousands of years of practice and experience, therefore, in the treatment of cancer has a significant and unique effect, in many ways Western medicine can complement the deficiency. How Chinese medicine treatment of cancer?
The various methods of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer are practice and experience, and because by the practice of verification. It does not start with a hypothesis or speculation arising.
Many traditional Chinese medicine itself has anti-tumor effect. These components of the tumor cells directly or indirectly in vitro. There are many traditional Chinese medicine to regulate and mobilization of the body defense system, and indirectly kill tumor cells.
Some traditional Chinese medicine and radiotherapy, chemotherapy with the role, not only can play the role of increased efficacy, but also to reduce radiation and chemotherapy of certain adverse reactions, used in conjunction with the surgical procedure can cause some of the wasting or disorder to be restored or improvement.
How Chinese medicine treatment of cancer? In short, Chinese medicine is used for cancer treatment or to adjuvant therapy, its efficacy is yes. In general, as long as the syndrome properly, a reasonable dosage, can be used in various systems of Chinese medicine treatment of various tumors. As with other therapies, Chinese medicine treatment of cancer inevitably there are some limitations, the need to strengthen research, particularly anti-tumor active components of Chinese medicine research and formulation improvements and so on. With integrative medicine clinic widely carried out, more prominent aspects of Chinese medicine in the treatment of the important status of the tumor.

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