The performance of advanced pancreatic cancer jaundice

By | October 25, 2011

Yellowing of the eyes and body, especially yellow urine, in fact, the average person knows that all eyes and yellow skin, body, and also into a deep yellow urine, it is called Yellow Fever. The blast of a yellow see it, is certainly hepatitis, and either the liver cirrhosis, because of this, no one knows, no one ever seen. But you know, the performance of pancreatic cancer late jaundice, and one of the manifestations of late. Well, this is why?
The performance of advanced pancreatic cancer jaundice, because bile is green and yellow, and is produced by the liver, and then flow to the intestines through the bile duct, bile in the intestine mixed with stool stool to turn yellow, the servant is not normal there will be yellow plague. As hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver when the liver can not be discharged to the production of bile, only went to the blood flow. We know that the skin, eyes and tiny blood vessels are all adopted, then the bile in the blood to the skin, eyes, the combination of a protein to the skin and eyes become yellow. The bile is excreted from the urine, it becomes yellow and the urine.
The performance of advanced pancreatic cancer jaundice, and pancreatic cancer patients is due to yellow disease and pancreatic duct openings combined together, so when cancers of the pancreas, when the enlargement of the biliary tract and pancreas Aikuai opening blocked, then bile to the intestines can not row, and not stuck in together, ah, go on the flow of blood, so the disease also appear yellow. Since there is no bile in the intestines stool is not yellow, while the present gray. So when the body when the disease appears yellow, but also consider pancreatic cancer.
It should be clear about, unexplained weight loss, abdominal discomfort, reaching mass and incidence of yellow symptoms, and sometimes there is only one, sometimes several together there is not necessarily a pancreatic cancer. However, these symptoms can occur late pancreatic cancer.

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