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Esophageal cancer treatment

Esophageal cancer treatment (a) general treatment 1 To encourage patients to maintain a good mood thinking in order to avoid emotional instability and worse. If the patient cough. Timely and appropriate to give pain medications, such as cough agents, analgesic agents, and other appropriate measures to reduce the treatment of patients with pain. 2. To… Read More »

Esophageal cancer treatment options

Esophageal cancer treatment options, surgical treatment of esophageal cancer is still the treatment of today the main treatment for this disease, therefore, who have indications for surgery should prompt surgical treatment. But the general condition of the patient, the lesion, clinical manifestations, should be based on condition, select the appropriate surgical approach. Radiation therapy with… Read More »

TCM treatment of esophageal cancer

Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer 1. The best comprehensive treatment Both Chinese and Western medicine treatment of different medical systems, the theoretical basis different view of the different treatment, clinical thinking different, as the patient how to choose? In fact, the strengths of Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine has the strengths… Read More »

Early symptoms of esophageal cancer

Early symptoms of esophageal cancer 1. Esophageal foreign body sensation About 1 / 5 of patients in the sense of the esophagus when swallowing a foreign body sensation, patients often self-interpreted as a result of a particular food scrapes the esophagus into the rough, or suspect some kind of foreign bodies in the esophagus, there… Read More »

Esophageal Stent

Esophageal stent, it applies to esophageal stenosis, esophageal tracheal desolate, can not or do not want surgery esophageal cancer surgery in patients with eating difficulties. Advanced esophageal stent is to solve the esophageal stenosis can not eat and take a palliative treatment, that is: Esophageal cancer in the esophagus causing obstruction to install a tube… Read More »

Surgical treatment of esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer surgery, according to the scope of surgical resection or different purposes of different surgical sub-radical surgery and palliative surgery, we need a surgical method which is often based on the patient's condition by the doctors to decide. The difference is that two operations: the purpose of the different sub-surgery, the treatment effect is… Read More »

What is pancreatic cancer

What is pancreatic cancer? Pancreatic cancer is a highly malignant pancreatic cancer in recent years around the world have significantly increased the incidence trend, according to the Shanghai statistics, nearly 40 years the incidence of pancreatic cancer increased about 3 times. Disease and age-related, more common in 40-70 years. In the incidence of different parts… Read More »

Susceptible population of pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer susceptible population, (a) chronic pancreatitis About 4% of patients with chronic pancreatitis complicated by pancreatic cancer in 20 years. (B) diabetes 60% -81% of pancreatic cancer patients have diabetes, according to the report, 56% of patients were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer was found to have diabetes, 16% of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer… Read More »

Treatment of pancreatic cancer

Treatment of pancreatic cancer (a) Surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer Surgical treatment is still the only cure for pancreatic cancer in the methods, and strive to radical surgery. Attendees, mostly on the straight, the late surgical resection after only 109 gross -20% 5% 5-year survival rate was -20%. (B) pancreatic cancer radiotherapy Preoperative adjuvant therapy,… Read More »