Susceptible population of pancreatic cancer

By | May 6, 2012

Pancreatic cancer susceptible population, (a) chronic pancreatitis
About 4% of patients with chronic pancreatitis complicated by pancreatic cancer in 20 years.
(B) diabetes
60% -81% of pancreatic cancer patients have diabetes, according to the report, 56% of patients were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer was found to have diabetes, 16% of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has been diagnosed 2 years before the diabetes, the pancreas of diabetes patients high risk of cancer. Older than 50 years of diabetes onset nor family history of diabetes may have higher risk of suffering from pancreatic cancer. A few patients showed initial onset of symptoms of diabetes can also be expressed as a sudden illness in patients with existing diabetes worse. Therefore, if persistent abdominal pain in patients with diabetes, or the elderly sudden diabetes, or previous condition of diabetes and the recent sudden increase should be alert to the possibility of pancreatic cancer.
Pancreatic cancer susceptible population (c) of gynecological diseases
Many women abortion, ovarian pancreatic resection of uterine hyperplasia in patients with pancreatic cancer incidence rate increased
(D) a history of long-term quiet wine
The direct effect of ethanol, or quiet spirit, prone to chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer recurrence, has not been determined.
(E) Smoking Addicts
The study suggests that smoking is an independent risk factor for pancreatic cancer, compared with non-smokers, smokers have an increased risk of disease 4 times increased risk of male smokers more than 5 times. 50 years of age increased by 7 times more risk. Incidence rate of smokers than non-smokers 10 years earlier.
Pancreatic cancer susceptible population (f) family history and living habits
A family history of pancreatic cancer, like the low-fiber diet high in animal fat, those long-term exposure of coke, oil, and methylcholanthrene Hui, biphenyl chemical substances such as plastic, compared with the general susceptibility to pancreatic cancer. High-risk groups above should be checked regularly to detect early cancer.

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