TCM treatment of esophageal cancer

By | May 6, 2012

Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer 1. The best comprehensive treatment
Both Chinese and Western medicine treatment of different medical systems, the theoretical basis different view of the different treatment, clinical thinking different, as the patient how to choose? In fact, the strengths of Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine has the strengths of Western medicine, the key is the right opportunity to choose the appropriate method. Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive treatment, will be flexibility in the use of modern traditional Chinese medicine decoction of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine injections and acupuncture, food therapy, sound therapy and other methods to achieve cure the patient, to restore his health, with illness sickness, palliative by psychosis purposes.
Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer 2. Overall treatment combined with local treatment of the Second
The development of cancer, how the patient's condition, treatment can achieve good results if the prognosis how, not simply the decision of local lesions, but systemic combination of factors, many of the contest. Human tumor and host each other as result of the struggle, the disappearance of the tumor can be eleven already cured, it can be a long-term rally around, regardless of the outcome of survival, or tumor is better than the power of the body to increase the proliferation of tumor deterioration in one by one until death. From the beginning of cancer treatment, it should be systemic, even some early cancers, in the treatment of localized disease, but also the whole body should also pay attention to defense and resistance of tumor to improve. According to the author repeatedly discussed in this chapter we can see the content, traditional Chinese medicine for esophageal cancer treatment concept is consistent with this principle. Esophageal cancer is unusual is that the local lesions caused by a very prominent local symptoms, so both Chinese and Western treatment of the disease are very great importance to local treatment, some of the folklore of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions are mostly local tumor treatment. But at the same body to be adjusted with traditional Chinese medicine as a whole, so that the combination of part and the whole is necessary. Local treatment must obey the overall treatment, the overall treatment must take into account local factors. To prevent the "stop-gap" to happen.
Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer 3. Observation is often combined with syndrome differentiation and treatment
In addition to the treatment of esophageal cancer syndrome type of governance, should also be combined with Bianzheng Caixing. Here the observation is often said that the arrested main symptoms treatment, that is discussed before the unique esophageal choke, spit, pain, choking the four patients, to give some special medication. Such as choke weight, you can add impatient, Clematis, ebony, notoginseng; spit weight, you can add Pinellia, Inula, was Ling, etc.; pain weight, you can Salviae, turmeric, table technique, Yuan Hu, etc.; obstruction can try re-leek juice orally, or by open tube powder treatment, which is a partial, prescription category, followed by re-introduction. Righting treatment with the combination of anti-cancer Gui evil.
Any cancer treatment, can be grouped into two aspects of righting evil and law, esophageal cancer is no exception. Repeatedly talked about not blindly in front of fire with fire, so what treatment to righting the main evil or law-based, must be based on clinical performance differentiation, to distinguish the actual situation, and then legislative prescription. This is why Western radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Chinese medicine advocated by righting the main reason, because Western medicine is equivalent to the treatment method of Chinese medicine conquer evil. Particularly frail patients with advanced Western medicine can not accept the kind of evil treatment of the strong law, the traditional Chinese medicine-based treatment to strengthening and restoring can enhance a patient's own immune function, improve quality of life with survival.

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