Esophageal cancer treatment options

By | May 6, 2012

Esophageal cancer treatment options, surgical treatment of esophageal cancer is still the treatment of today the main treatment for this disease, therefore, who have indications for surgery should prompt surgical treatment. But the general condition of the patient, the lesion, clinical manifestations, should be based on condition, select the appropriate surgical approach.
Radiation therapy with less damage to adapt to a wider scope, is esophageal cancer one of the important treatment. For early esophageal cancer and, on not less than the middle of the efficacy of esophageal cancer surgery, the lower slightly lower than the efficacy of surgery. Neck and upper thoracic esophageal cancer radiotherapy should be preferred.
Endoscopic microwave, laser, intubation and treatment of esophageal intraluminal hyperthermia is an important way to play better with other treatment methods.
Chemotherapy can make esophageal cancer patients with prolonged remission, and some complete remission. Not only for the treatment of advanced esophageal cancer with chemotherapy and surgery and radiotherapy for the comprehensive treatment. But the more one chemotherapy improved the efficacy of chemotherapy, but toxicity also increased.
Esophageal cancer treatment options, traditional Chinese medicine and surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy combination can improve the long-term survival, reduce radiation, chemotherapy, and three kinds of microwave therapy treatment side effects. Opportunities for the loss of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy could not be tolerated in patients taking Chinese Medicine External Treatment can also receive better treatment. Therefore, Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer treatment can run through the whole process. To improve survival of patients and quality of life.

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