Treatment of pancreatic cancer

By | May 6, 2012

Treatment of pancreatic cancer (a) Surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer
Surgical treatment is still the only cure for pancreatic cancer in the methods, and strive to radical surgery. Attendees, mostly on the straight, the late surgical resection after only 109 gross -20% 5% 5-year survival rate was -20%.
(B) pancreatic cancer radiotherapy
Preoperative adjuvant therapy, reducing tumor resection beneficial for early stage (I, II) patients; cancer can not be removed and those with severe back pain can be alleviated or eliminated after radiotherapy. Methods of external irradiation, interstitial irradiation and intraoperative irradiation. Prone to external irradiation damage surrounding tissue, clinical application is limited. Postoperative concurrent radiotherapy and chemotherapy can significantly improve the outcome. 3 days before each phase of radiotherapy, every day to give 5-Fu, radiotherapy total 40 cGy, with 2 times, each time interval of 2 weeks.
Treatment of pancreatic cancer (c) pancreatic cancer chemotherapy
Pancreatic cancer is not sensitive to chemotherapy. Currently there are slightly crisp to fluorouracil (5-Fu)-based combination chemotherapy regimens, such as 5-Fu + epirubicin (ADM) + mitomycin C (MMC) and 5-Fu + MMC + ADM chain gill (STE), etc., is better than single drug therapy may improve the outcome and prolong survival. Recently introduced to gemcitabine (Gemzar, G)-based regimen such as GP [top of gemcitabine + JI Lead (DDP)], GCF (folic acid, hydrogen prisoners gemcitabine + +5- Fu) and so on. Its efficacy and superior to 5-Fu-based joint programs. There are reports of local arterial infusion chemotherapy, more effective than intravenous chemotherapy, not only can improve the drug concentration in tumor tissues, and can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.
Treatment of pancreatic cancer (d) Other
Such as biological treatment, symptomatic treatment (mainly pain treatment) and so on. Imaging findings in pancreatic cancer can be divided into three phases: a period of operable pancreatic cancer; two local invasion of pancreatic cancer is; three had distant metastasis of pancreatic cancer. More than 80% of clinical Phase II and III patients. On one, surgery is the best and only way to be cured; two, could be radiotherapy, chemotherapy, some (about 10%) can regain the chance of operation; three suitable for systemic chemotherapy.

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